Following the success of Netflix's "Enola Holmes," Millie Bobby Brown dropped some major revelations about her Hollywood career. 

The British actress, whose claim to fame was her portrayal of the gifted Eleven in the science fiction-horror web series "The Stranger Things," has sealed her name in the entertainment business after earning her first major recognition in the Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2019.

Millie Bobby Brown Almost Quit Acting Because of "Game Of Thrones"

Now, the 16-year-old actress has opened up about her struggles and her biggest disappointment before landing her breakthrough role in "The Stranger Things."

In her recent virtual appearance in "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the "Modern Family" actress confessed that she almost quit the entertainment industry after failing the audition for HBO's fantasy drama series "The Game of Thrones."

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"I think I was just very disheartened by the rejection, which is something I tell everyone. This industry is just full of rejection 24/7," Brown shared.

Brown also recalled how Hollywood could be a brutal industry. She explained that she received a ton of "no's" before getting that big "yes."

The English beauty went on and shared that the screening for the hit series was "really difficult," and what's worse is that she really wanted to be part of the cast.

"I then auditioned for Game of Thrones, and I got a 'No' for that. Then, that's when I was like, 'This is really difficult,' and I guess I really wanted that role. So one of my last sort of goes at all this was a Netflix show called Montauk," she added.

Millie Bobby Brown Auditioned for Lady Lyanna Mormont

According to multiple reports, Brown previously mentioned that the "Game of Thrones" role that she is referring to is the 13-year-old head of House Mormont of Bear Island, Lady Lyanna Mormont, played by another British actress Bella Ramsay.

The character is considered as one of the fan-favorites due to Ramsay's superb acting skills.

It appears that Millie Bobby Brown's setback led to a more significant opportunity for her, as she recalled how she got the part of the iconic character in "The Stranger Things."

"I auditioned, and two months later they got back to us and said, 'Hey we'd love to Skype with you', and I Skyped with them, and the rest is history," she detailed.

"Godzilla" and "The Girls I've Been"

Aside from "Enola Holmes," Brown is set to appear in the sci-fi adventure film "Godzilla vs. Kong" directed by Adam Wingard.

The 16-year-old actress stars as the daughter of Monarch scientists, Madison Russell. Along with Brown, her fellow co-stars include Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, O'Shea Jackson and Charles Dance.

2021 might be a busy year for the brunette beauty, as she will also feature in an upcoming LGBTQ+ movie "The Girls I've Been" based on Tess Sharpe's novel.

As cited by Deadline, aside from her role as a bisexual con artist, Nora O'Malley, Brown will also produce the film alongside actor-turned-producer Jason Bateman.

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