There is a reason why "The Old Guard" is a highly recommended action film by Netflix, and this is not because it has a hot female lead star that can kick ass -- at least NOT JUST.

Oviously, our 2020 People's Choice Awards Prediction for the best action movie is "The Old Guard." We have several reasons, one of them, of course, is that we loved it. Plain and simple.

While the world was being all gloom and doom outside during the lockdown, we got several hours of reprieve watching Charlize Theron in her Ray-ban and gray shirt leading a pack of immortals -- not quite vampires, not your ordinary superheroes either.


When we caught a glimpse of the trailer for "The Old Guard" without really having an idea yet what it was, we thought it would be a film about a woman with a troubled past coming in to get her revenge on some group of evil people who decided to kill off her family -- or something along that line.

It's actually an adaptation of Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez's comic book series, and once we realized our ignorance, our interest is piqued. We watched it the moment Netflix dropped it because we wanted to know how Charlize would pull the character off and some. 

She pulled it off well, and we were sold on the plot. Since it is obvious that we are gushing about it, it goes without saying why this is our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for the best action movie. 

But we will tell you anyway: 

Not Your Ordinary Superhero Plot 

Unlike the usual immortal warrior fighting bad people -- mortal and immortal, which we still enjoy even if it has become a redundant theme in the world of sci-fi -- this one delivers more. The good guys went around saving people, but they are not even sold on what they are doing. They are constantly wondering if what they are doing even has value. That said, they're not the optimistic superheroes we see all the time or the cheery protagonist who believes the world can be saved just through him or her.

PLUS, it's not clear how they become immortals. The heroes themselves asked this question all the time.

These good guys who have eternal lives are not relishing their immortal states. Instead, the movie revealed one great possibility associated with being immortal -- constant restlessness and loss of purpose. The soul craves a sense of stability and purpose, and being immortal can erode these.

Why would you keep trying to do good when you are growing nowhere anyway? Why change the world you would not be leaving anyway? 

Unique Take on Immortality 

But then, another interesting premise of the show is that they could turn mortal anytime, they just do not know when. Now that adds to the confusion of whether they should be doing what they want because time is not really unlimited or do what they can because they have some expiring immortality anyway.

Having the ability to not die and no other real superpowers is quite enough. Hello, what's the power for if you are already immortal? Of course, even if they are the good guys, bad people not only want to fight them but also profit from them. With Theron and her crew already questioning their sense of purpose, it was a fun watch, waiting to see if they would just go up and leave the team. That did not happen, of course. 

Because of this confusing premise on immortality, something we did not come across in other films, we believe this movie is worth an award. 

Charlize Theron and Pack SHOWED Us Action

Since we are telling you about our 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for the best action movie, then we will choose the movie that has really good action. The fact that this action is from a girl makes it a winner for us.

Is this what we mean now with "Fight like a girl?" Amazing. 

Charlize Theron, of course, is just a pleasure to watch. She is Andy, the oldest immortal among the team and probably the first, too. According to Theron, she trained for four months to get her kickass moves down

It's unclear how long her character has been living, although the comics did state that she is alive since the 4th century. The actress looked as if she had not aged a single day over 30, just like the non-aging character she portrayed. She actually deserves an award for her performance, too

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