In the latest news of Britney Spears and her ongoing conservatorship legal battle, her lawyer has made a damning claim about her health. 

On Wednesday's hearing, the pop star's attorney, Sam Ingham, said he couldn't get a sworn declaration in the case surrounding the 38-year-old's conservatorship after the judge surveyed Britney' request of having another conservator join her dad. 

The declaration would state her side of the issue, as the judge wants to know if Britney's feelings toward her current arrangement are or aren't "inadmissible hearsay." 

Britney's declaration was brought up because Ingham told the judge two things: That Britney Spears doesn't want to perform ever again, and that Jamie, her dad, intends on resuming his daughter's career. 

As per TMZ, Ingham said that Britney doesn't have the mental clarity to sign a legal document. He also likened her to a comatose patient. 

Ingham clarified that while Britney Spears is not in a coma, she can't, at this time, consent to a legal arrangement. 

He further noted that lawyers often speak on behalf of comatose patients. 

Meanwhile, Jamie requested that perhaps the "Baby One More Time" hitmaker appear in court proceedings herself, not just her attorney. 

Laurianne Wright, Jamie's attorney, argued, "Perhaps it would be best for Ms. Spears to appear, so we all know what she's thinking. We are not trying to force Ms. Spears into court either."

 However, Ingham contended that she didn't need to show up for the hearings. 

"I am the exclusive source of information in public pleadings as to what my client wants."

He added, "It's clear counsel has a larger agenda here. From my perspective, it is self-evident that conservativees can't file verified declarations because they lack the legal capacity to do so."

The judge for the case puts the matter over to another day.

Currently, Britney Spears is under legal conservatorship by her dad. This means that he has control over her financial and personal life.

The latest hearing comes after Jamie recently withdrawing his petition to have former co-conservator Andrew M. Wallet return.

Britney Spears had objected to Wallet's return, citing in court documents that she wouldn't be able to pay him anymore because she doesn't want to perform, therefore, will not be pulling in as much money. 

There has been a lot of back and forth in the entire case. 

In September, the "Lucky" singer objected to her dad's petition to seal court proceedings and the transcripts related to the petition. 

In documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Ingham claimed that Britney doesn't want to keep the details of her conservatorship closed, but rather, keep it open, so her fans are informed. 

In August, the mom-of-two asked the court to appoint Bessemer Trust Company to be the conservator of her estate, in an attempt to keep her dad away from becoming the sole conservator.

Britney's mom, Lynne, has also backed the Trust company. 

Court document reads, "Britney is strongly opposed to her father continuing as the sole conservator of her estate."

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