VIDEO: Mike Pence's Viral 'Fly' Moment Gets Hilarious 'SNL' Treatment

"Saturday Night Live" continues to deliver flying episodes -- this time a tad too literally.

The show is all about skits and parodies of popular events and impersonations of popular figures. In their latest episode, the crew did a hilarious one on the vice presidential debate.

Mike Pence and 'The Fly'

Hosted by comedian Bill Burr with gues Jack White, the show's highlight for the week was its parody of the recently concluded vice presidential debate. That debate was already quite popular, so a skit about it is likely to be as sensational.

It can be remembered how Mike Pence caught flak for constantly interrupting his opponent, especially a female one.

Maya Rudolph reprised her role as the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. On the other hand, Mike Pence was played by Beck Bennett. The all-too-funny Kate McKinnon took on the role of the moderator Susan Page.

The skit, featuring the timely plexiglass barriers among those debating, touched on Pence's inability to control himself from interrupting another speaking opponent and Harris' uncanny ability to hold herself up. At one point in the actual debate, the California senator turned to her opponent to firmly call out the interruptions.

Of course, SNL did not just do a skit about the controversial exchange, but also how a fly landed on Pence's head and stayed there for two whole minutes. It's one of the crazy highlights of the actual debate, leading to some memes to be created.

The "SNL" version is, of course, funnier.

The camera cuts from the "heated' debate and panned to Jim Carrey's Joe Biden, who was watching the whole thing go down at his home with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden -- the character played by Heidi Gardner.

Because this is "SNL," Carrey's Biden can teleport to the debate in Utah to help his running mate so that the soul of the nation can be saved. However, when transporting, he turned into a fly -- the one that stayed for so long in Biden's head.

Apart from becoming a fly, Carrey's Biden also turned into Jeff Goldblum -- he has starred in 1986's "The Fly," that's why. Goldblum played the scientist who transformed into a massive fly/man hybrid because of an experiment that went haywire.


Throwing More Shade

The parody, of course, did not follow what happened in real life to the letter. Instead of having just one fly land on the candidate's head, SNL thought it would be nicer to have two. The second fly that landed on VP's head was the reincarnated Herman Cain, played by Kenan Thompson.

It can be remembered that Cain died back in July, only a month after being infected with the coronavirus.

The skit did not shy away from having controversial lines thrown in for the character, using his death by COVID-19 to call out the government in the form of a sarcastic joke.

"They invited me to a rally, said everything was fine, Herman. I catch corona, Trump tells me, 'Everything is fine, Herman.' The White House doctors check me out, tell me, 'Everything is fine, Herman.' Three days later I'm gone. If you're watching this at home, don't trust this white devil about that 'rona," the reincarnated Herman said.

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