Addison Rae may be quite controversial now just because she is friends with Kourtney Kardashian, but she topped 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for Social Star of the year for many reasons. We will give you three, so maybe you will decide to vote for her, too.  

To say that she was beyond excited to be nominated for the 2020 People's Choice Awards is an understatement. She was positively gushing about her nominations when it happened. 

"WHAT IS MY LIFE!!! soooo blessed and thankful to be nominated for social celebrity! thank you all for making all of my wildest dreams come true!!!" she wrote on Twitter.

"i'm so blessed to be nominated for a people's choice award! this is more than i could've ever dreamed of! thank you to everyone who is so supportive of me," Addison also shared on her Instagram story.

Such a cutie. Anyway, below are our three resons why he is our top choice in this 2020 People's Choice Awards prediction for Social Star of 2020. 

She's Cute, Funny and Talented 

The girl did not need to be discovered to accumulate followers. The social media personality and dancer has amassed over 61 million followers on TikTok just because she can dance, be funny and show his talent at all the editing stuff.

At present, she is the second most-followed individual on the said social media platform. In August 2020, she was already recognized as the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes.That must have taken a lot of hard work. Tiktok may be fun and all that, but it is A LOT of work. 

Her Life Is Happening Right Before Us

Addison Rae did not to be on televsion or anything like that for her charm to shine through (but a show would not hurt of course). This is why we are ecstatic that she's now set to star in a brand new gender-swapped version of the hit '90s rom-com "She's All That." Wow. 

She's Friends With Someone Who People Think She Should Not Be With

...and we love her for that.

Hello, why are we limiting people on who they can be friends with or not? Plus, girls of different generations bonding instead of being jealous of each other for absolutely no good reason? We are so down with that. Despte people calling out their friendship because of their age gap of 21 years, Addison Rae is not listening to the naysayers.

The two are having a lot of fun, as seen by their occassional escapades, and we really cannot think of any reason why that is being frowned upon. This is why she is our top choice for this 2020 People's Choice Awards predicion for social star. Her refusal to listen to people grouching over nothing makes us more inpsired to vote for her since we now know she is not a pushover.  

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