People knew that Kanye West had no chance of winning the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, but the rapper only realized that now.

Even before the historical election is wrapped up, Kanye admitted his defeat against other powerful politicians. However, he did vow to run in the next election.

"Welp. Kanye 2024," he wrote with a white dove emoji. He posted the tweet using a U.S. electoral map as the background.

Initially, he hoped for the best as he exercised his right to vote. The 43-year-old rapper even recorded a video of himself online as he cast his vote in Wyoming.

"God is so good," Kanye tweeted. "Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it's for someone I truly"

For what it's worth, Kanye winning the elction was a long shot since the beginning since he only appeared in 12 states' pre-printed ballots.

Still, he garnered over 60,000 votes.

On Wednesday, his chances diminished even more. As of writing, President Donald Trump of Democratic and Joe Biden are neck and neck in the race.

Kanye West for President in 2024?

Previously, Kanye sounded so confident that he would win this year's election.

However, Forbes already pointed that he had no chance of winning in 2020.

When asked if he is only running a spoiler campaign to hurt Democratic nominee Biden, he replied: "I'm not going to argue with you. Jesus is King."

A few hours later, the rapper seemed to have shifted his mind again and tweeted, "the goal is to win."

He admitted his defeat now, but his continued commitment does not really stop here.

In September, the rapper told the New York Times that he has prepared himself to face a long road toward victory.

"The reason why I know eventually-eventually could be three months, eventually could be three and a half years-the reason why I eventually will make a great president is because I'm sensitive," he said.

He declared that he exists to serve. Kanye even talked about being a "Gemini" and some sort of "energy inside the room."

Amid his metaphorical statements, the rapper clarified that he is hurting not only for Black people but for the country and the world.

Stars, Netizens React To West's Vote Total

After ending winning thousands of votes, several people online shared their dismay over the result. They also questioned the people who chose to vote for the rapper.

Chuck D retweeted an article by Complex and wrote, "Absolutely The worst epitome of narcissism."

One netizen added, "the fact that some of y'all actually voted for kanye west is truly embarrassing."

"If you voted for Kanye west because you like his music Jump off a bridge," another one shared.

Most netizens also laughed hard after discovering that Kanye used his rights for the first time only to vote for himself.

"The first time in his life Kanye ever voted... and he only voted for himself," one netizen shared. "All of the other races and issues left blank."

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