The winners of the 2020 People's Choice Awards are now out, but some fans are not just satisfied with the outcome.

The biggest and brightest stars stood against each other in this year's People's Choice Awards. For months, fans were given a chance to vote for their favorites to take home particular awards.

On November 15, E! finally aired the event live and unrolled the best of the best this 2020.

A lot of Hollywood stars already made headlines before the awards night for scoring several nominations. Although most fan favorites won, some results actually made the fans question how the award-giving body chose the winners.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" - THE DAYTIME TALK SHOW OF 2020

The most controversial on the list, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" conquered the category despite having a problematic host.

Since the beginning of the year, DeGeneres' TV program has been facing backlash after its staff outed its dark side. This caused the show to lose most of its viewers and supporters.

However, seeing the show win the glory made some question the decision-making process involved in the ceremony.

"The Kissing Booth 2" - THE COMEDY MOVIE OF 2020

Having "The Kissing Booth 2" take home the Comedy Movie of 2020 redefined the real meaning of the word "comedy."

This Netflix film went against the best comedy films of the year, including "Bill & Ted Face the Music" and "Like A Boss" among others.

Whether the 2020 People's Choice Awards depended on fan votes or not, several supporters still cannot believe how the flick won over the other nominees.

One fan even wrote on Twitter, "Why did I wake up to learn that The Kissing Booth 2 won comedy of 2020 at the People's Choice awards. This is a joke, right?"


The star of "The Kissing Booth 2" also seemingly became a game-changer. King stood against David Spade, Issa Rae, Keanu Reeves, Noah Centineo, Pete Davidson, Salma Hayek, and Will Ferrell.

With that said, fans wonder whether her win is to only give a newbie like her a spotlight--or whatsoever. All the fans know is that someone better deserves the trophy.

Zendaya - THE STYLE STAR OF 2020

Like King, Zendaya also faced the toughest nominees this year. Although she indeed deserves the award for the Style Star of the year, her win took away the chance of other nominees to take the credit they deserve.

The "Spider-Man" star won against the brightest style icons like Janelle Monae, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Rihanna, and Timothee Chalamet.

To become the Style Star of 2020 means the winner made an impressive change in the fashion industry. But the fans' question now is: How did Zendaya's fashion evolution make her the winner?

"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" - THE REALITY SHOW OF 2020

The Kar-Jenners' reality TV series won another award before it officially ends.

Earlier this year, the KUWTK stars revealed that they no longer truly care about showing their fans the actual drama in their lives. This ignited criticisms from fans, which eventually led to a decrease in ratings.

In addition, the family suffered from allegations that they are trying so hard to stay relevant.

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