The 2021 Grammy Awards are right around the corner, but many are still reeling over the fact that so many deserving artists have essentially been snubbed.

Naturally, this means there are some nominations that shocked people, not because they are not talented but due to the fact they are not perceived as deserving as those snubbed in their place.

In an ideal world, each and every artist should have a nomination, but reality dictates some are simply more deserving of being recognized. With that said, these three are simply...not. 

Coldplay's "Everday Life"

Coldplay is obviously a great band. The group has produced some hits that elevated to classic status because people still love them to this date. But its most recent album "Everyday Life" has not gained similar status to merit an "Album of the Year" nomination at all.

We have not compared it to other albums yet, but in comparison to the band's previous albums, we already think it is quite lacking.

If we are to compare it to other albums not nominated, then the problem is clearer.

Case in point: even though Fiona Apple earned a total of three nominations this year, two in rock performance and rock song for "Shameika," her "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" certainly did not deserve a snub--let alone in favor of Coldplay's "Everyday Life." Fiona's album gained a 98/100 on Metacritic, after all!

Sorry Justin Bieber! 

Justin Bieber garnered a total of four nominations this year. Again, he's talented and everything, and we love his music journey right from the start. However, he does not deserve all four nominations, honestly.  

He was nominated for best pop solo performance for "Yummy." He also got a nod for the best pop duo/group performance for "Intentions," which featured Quavo. Both are essentially fine, no violent reactions from us. 

But then, he also got nominated for best pop vocal album for "Changes," and best country duo/group performance for "10,000 Hours" with Dan + Shay. 

The country recognition is fine, but nominating Bieber for "Changes" is quite pushing it.

Compared to his past albums, it feels uninspired. Compared to other artists' albums that should be recognzed for this category? It's quite forgettable

Noah Cyrus as Best New Artist

This is not because of her racist remark in defense of Harry Styles, which she already apologized for. However, we really do not think she deserves the nomination. We could see how happy she is with the nod though, bursting into tears, too

Nevertheless, how can she be the best new artist if she has been releasing singles for years? Already? She released her first single way back in 2010 and gained some traction in 2016 with her "Make Me Cry." 

In 2020, she should have been nominated in other categories already, or not at all. 

Ok, a Positive Surprise! 

To give credit to the awarding body though, one positive shocker about the 2021 Grammy Awards nominations is that the three of the most nominated artists--LizzoBillie Eilish and Lil Nas X--also happen to be newcomers. They are described as the rulers of the streaming economy precisely because their music feels really accessible and relatable. 

All three were nominated for Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Best New Artist. Grammy veterans such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga ended up being relegated to the sidelines. This means up-and-comers are given chances, and that is always a good thing. 

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