'Euphoria' Special Episode 2: Release Date, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

"Euphoria" fans rejoice! New details have dropped and there is now a date for the release of the second "Euphoria" special episode. 

While production on Season 2 is halted because of the still ongoing COVID-19 pandenic, the show creator Sam Levinson has uncovered one clever way to keep the story going with two special episodes. 

These episodes would bridge the first to the second, so the audience would not feel the lag or the gap between that has been caused by the production delay. 

These two "Euphoria" special episodes are sandwiched in between Seasons 1 and 2. After the first part aired, people cannot wait for the second. 

Euphoria Special Episode Part 2 Release Date

The Part 2 of the special episode run now has the details that fans have been waiting for. Earlier on, it was hinted that the episode will focus on Jules (Hunter Schafer).

The new detail released is much more specific and much more anticipated: the drop date. 

HBO Max announced that Part 2, entitled, "F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob," will air on January 24, as reported by Collider.

That's just a few sleeps away, and  fans just have to get Christmas and the New Years done and over with. Once the holidays are over, time can move lightning fast.


The plot will revolve around Jules as she navigates "the Christmas holiday" and reflects on the year, per the official announcement. 

Schafer co-wrote and co-executive produced the episode. This is her debut on both roles, which is a mean feat. 

Euphoria Special Episode Part 1

One can recall that the first "Euphoria" special episode, "Trouble Don't Last Always," showed Rue (played by Zendaya) and her sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) getting pancakes on Christmas Eve. As they bond over that special night, they discussed Rue's path to sobriety and her relationship with Jules. 

Ali could be seen compelling and striving to convince Rue to start really committing to sobriety, even if she still feels doubtful about herself and her life.The two actually covered a lot of ground on the special night of talking, including depression, suicide ideation and abuse, among others.

While the special "Euphoria" episode certainly aided in developing the emotional arc around Rue, it certainly did not provide any solutions to her issues. This is only a bridging episode after all. 

"I actually love that they said it's a special episode because I think it's actually very special," Domingo told Esquire about the particular issue.

She even described it as a "sermon for 2020." 

Domingo added: "I think it's an opportunity to have two people who are addicts have a very raw conversation. I think it's a great opportunity for you to take a breath with [Rue] and for her to just be honest with someone who only wants her to be honest." 

Fans mostly have positive reactions, saying they finally understand who Rue really is.  

Part 2 will be exploring Jules' side of the story, which begs to be told.

Again, "F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob" or Euphoria Special Episode 2, will air on HBO January 24, 2021. However, like Part 1, there is a high chance of it premiering early on HBO Max.

The first Euphoria special episode is still streaming on HBO Max right now, along with all the episodes of the entire Emmy-winning first season.  

Watch the two special episodes and be ready for the official Season 2.

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