It seems that if one has contracted the COVID-19 and survived, the infection has aftereffects that can last for quite a while or indefinitely. Apart from the many who essentially said the same thing, the royal prince of Monaco is sharing the same observation. 

Eight months after becoming the first head of state to be infected with the dreaded coronavirus,, Monaco's reigning sovereign, Prince Albert, revealed to People Magazine how long he suffered even after his quarantine has already ended.  

He said he still continued to have episodes of sudden fatigue. 

It can be remembered that he tested positive for COVID-19 in March, which was technically at the height of panic worldwide. Many economies were forced to shut down and people were ordered to stay at home. 

Prince Albert Never Really Felt Better

Prince Albert spent two weeks in palace isolation and when he was finally able to return home to his wife Princess Charlene and their 5-year-old twins, he said he has never really gotten back to how he was before the infection. 

His quarantine ended on March 31, but his cough continued on. The small cough turned into other forms of symptoms of the virus, which lasted for months up until June.

He then said his first infection was actually just "a very mild case," but this does not mean he recovered quickly, especially since some of his experiences afterwards were actually worse. 

He shared he had "moments of marked fatigue" well after his diagnosis. "Immediately after my quarantine, I felt better, but I still didn't feel quite right," Prince Albert recounted to the news outlet. 

Although the regular "fatigue" episodes did not happen every day,  it was occuring "two, three times a week."

"There were times during the day when it just hit, but not like the kind of drowsiness you feel after a heavy meal. It was really just an experience of physical fatigue, like the kind that comes on when you've done too much or when you're coming off an illness," Prince Albert surmised. "This virus stays with you quite a while," he concluded. 

COVID-19 Symptoms May Still Linger Even After Recovery

Prince Albert's experience is not unique to him.

According to the CDC, sudden onset or lingering fatigue is one of the most commonly reported symptom that can last during recovery. Other reported symptoms are breathing difficulties, muscle or body aches and the more serious experiences of memory loss and concentration deficiencies. 

One can recall how another famous personality, Alyssa Milano, shared that her COVID-19 symtpoms seemed to refuse to vanish. She was also infected back in March and six months later, in September, she reported still feeling the symptoms. 

"There are still lingering effects, like I still have shortness of breath," Milano told Yahoo Entertainment. "I still have heart palpitations. I have, like, a high-pitched noise in my ear. My hair is falling out." 

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