Prince William and Kate Middleton are not getting thumbs up over their latest move amid the coronavirus pandemic--at least not from politicians.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Prince William and Kate unceasingly spearheaded projects to support essential workers during the health crisis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's projects have not ended yet, as they started their three-day Royal Train Tour earlier this week.

On December 6, the royal couple visited parts of England, Wales and Scotland to personally thank those people who have been serving the country and its people amid trying times.

Although many people applauded them for making such move, several politicians in Scotland and Wales were left unimpressed by the "unnecessary tour."

According to The Guardian, the Welsh health minister Vaughan Gething opened up to BBC Radio 4's "Today" program about Prince William and Kate's travel.

Per Gething, it would be nice not to have anyone taking unnecessary visits to Wales, as their state is currently trying to fight the pandemic's second wave.

"People always have divisive views about the monarchy, but their visit isn't an excuse for people to say that they are confused about what they are being asked to do," the health minister went on.

Although he did not directly mention the duke and duchess' names, he outed the comments before the royal couple's stopover at Cardiff on their tour's second day.

Meanwhile, the same news outlet reported that even the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, also spoke about the royal couple's tour.

Sturgeon suggested that Prince William and Kate's Royal Tour Train breached their current border restrictions to stop the spread of the pandemic.

A No 10 spokesman added that the palace should address the tour and explain why it has to be done despite the lockdown protocols.

"But we have set out clearly the tiers, and the advice around the current guidelines that we're asking the public to abide by," the representative went on.

The Royal Train Trour made the Cambridges travel 1,250 miles not too long after the UK imposed its second lockdown due to the second wave of the virus infection.

Prince William, Kate Received Nods, Too

Amid the criticisms they received, several people supported and defended them.

Some royal sources insisted that before the visit, the royal family already consulted the UK, Scotland and Wales governments.

Since the tour was a working visit, it was exempted from the travel restrictions being practiced in the nation.

Also, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson approved the Royal Train Tour. According to his spokesman, the PM felt overwhelmed by the warm reception the royal couple received during the event.

The spokesperson added that Johnson sees the tour as a "welcome morale boost to frontline workers."

In the past few months, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited several states to check the needs of the citizens.

For instance, they visited Massalami Mohammed Elmassalami Ayad in October. Prince William was part of the Food Hub in Hackney and got featured in the Hold Still project.

They also covered Queen Elizabeth II when Her Majesty isolated herself with Prince Philip during the early days of the pandemic.

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