"Riverdale" Season 5 is about to arrive, and here's everything we learned after watching its first trailer.

Things will be more mysterious than ever, and the recent trailer of "Riverdale" Season 5  showed just that.

Riverdale Trailer

On the 70-second clip, the Archie Comics-inspired series unveiled a smooth transition from Season 4 to 5. The video showed the previous season's cliffhanger before fading behind the mysteries and murders in the upcoming season.

However, the main focus of the trailer was the Riverdale High Prom.

Elsewhere in the clip, it showed Veronica (Camila Mendes) after she found out how her boyfriend Archie (K.J. Apa) cheated on her with her best friend, Betty (Lili Reinhart).

"Something happened between Betty and Archie," she said as she sobs.

Apart from this shocking revelation, the next parts offered a more jaw-dropping plotline.

Betty and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) visited Bret (Sean Depner) in prison. Bret then warned the two that something is coming, and it is going to strike them "like a Mack truck."

The next clips then creeped everyone out as Betty and Jughead undressed each other in bed.

The highlight, the senior prom, also saw Archie tell his friends: "This will be the last dance we have with our friends... Can't miss it."

But the scenes turned more brutal when more masked men and a dead, hanging body also conquered the screen.

In the series of events, Jughead punched someone, Archie cried hard in front of his late father, Fred's grave, and Cheryl's shirt was covered in blood.

The camera then pointed at Jughead's little sister, Jellybean, who was asleep when someone dragged a knife onto her face. Betty also pointed a gun at an unrevealed character.

Such a turn of events invited hundreds of thousands of fans on the official Youtube channel. As of writing, the official trailer now has 73,000 likes and 725,000 views.

Fans Cannot Hold Their Breaths!

Meanwhile, fans of the long-time running series cannot keep calm after the trailer and began bombarding the comments section of the video with mixed statements.

One fan said, "i'm not a professional psychic or anything, but i'm willing to predict that there could be a slight possibility that Archie maybe shirtless in this trailer."

"It's so sad and unfair to see Veronica crying over the "thing," which has happened between Archie and Betty, while Betty and Jughead still spending time together happily," another one wrote.

As fans tried to predict what will happen next, the show's official Twitter account penned the synopsis of "Riverdale" Season 5.

"Season five of Riverdale will begin with our characters' final days as students at Riverdale High. From an epic Senior Prom to a bittersweet Graduation, there are a lot of emotional moments and goodbyes yet to come," a part of the description read.

Still, the controversial scenes seem to be enough to fill people's cravings, which developed even more during the coronavirus pandemic.

After facing postponements, "Riverdale" Season 5 will finally arrive on January 20, 2021.

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