The "Surviving Death" Netflix series immediately received mixed reactions from viewers upon its release.

On Wednesday, one of the most-awaited Netflix 2021 shows, the "Surviving Death" documentary, arrived on the streaming giant.

The six-part series is based on Leslie Kean's bestselling book of the same name. Filmmaker Rickie Stern, the creator of "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work," served as the executive producer and director of the documentary.

"At this time when the world is experiencing so much death, my hope is that the series will speak to anyone who has ever wondered about a lost loved one," Stern said, per Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the hype it received though, not everyone is pleased with it or at least found the show bizarre. 

The Series Is More Than Facing The Reality of Death

The Daily Beast published one of the most recent "Surviving Death" reviews after its premiere.

In its report, it noted the clear ectoplasm that ruled throughout the first part of the documentary. Despite the "spiritual energy" in most of its scenes, the documentary added spookier parts by including ghostly objects.

The news outlet also noted how Stern turned scientifically unproven stories into haunted ones.

"Director Stern embellishes her action with spooky old photographs and expressionistic interludes-smeary faces behind glass, radiant sequences of blooming light and color-that visualize her interviewees' accounts about the other side," the review said.

In the end, it warned the viewers that Stern's docuseries "Surviving Death" still cannot and did not answer questions about the afterlife.

The Series Is "Odd"

While other cultures see death as a taboo subject, the documentary made it a friendlier topic to tackle.

Ready Steady Cut said in their review that even people with an open mind can find the series cynical, especially since they noticed how the characters in it seem to be compelling.

"I genuinely believe these people believe the experiences they have had," the review said. "Regardless of whether or not there's a scientific backing (though none has been proven to a large extent) or a deep spiritual meaning, the first chapter of Surviving Death shows people who had life-changing experiences."

Death Is Not The End

According to Decider, Stern did well in taking the phenomena seriously with the help of his journalistic view in studying the afterlife.

In one of its scenes, a woman can be seen kayaking while talking about her experiences of communicating with the dead and reincarnation.

The fact that several scientists and once-non-believers finally changed what they think about death also hit the minds of viewers.

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