Jason Santos shared his experience as he takes on a new role in Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" Season 19. 

Premiering Wednesday, the Season 7 runner-up and former fan-favorite had a major comeback as the show's Sous Chef. Known for his cool demeanor and his vibrant blue hair, santos is overseeing Team Blue as well as being the right hand of the renowned British chef. 

Jason Santos' "Hell's Kitchen" Experience

Now, the 32-year-old Blue Inc. founder spilled the tea and got  real about his life-changing experience on the show. 

In his interview with Boston.com, the "Bar Rescue" expert & restaurant owner revealed that just like Ramsay, he is not holding back when it comes to giving harsh feedback to the contestants--which involves a lot of yelling. 

"I was probably as hard on the contestants as he was. I certainly wasn't their buddy. I started losing my voice halfway through the show from yelling," he mentioned. 

Moreover, he explained the reason why they are giving tough love to some of the contestants. 

"As the sous chef, I'm there to sort of help the contestants, but it's called "Hell's Kitchen" for a reason. We don't spoon-feed them. There's a $250,000 prize and a legitimate job, so we're hard on them."

In addition, the "Hell's Kitchen" 2021 sous chef also confessed that aside from the contestants, he himself also gets nervous, especially when Ramsay is at the table and judging their creations. 

"During the day I oversee them, and during dinner service Gordon comes into play. He would get pissed if the food wasn't right, and I had to plate it right next to him, so you can imagine the pressure. I was as nervous as them sometimes," he added/

Furthermore, the Abby Lane owner and executive chef shared that with all the emotions and yelling in the reality competition series, he is also starting to lose his "voice halfway through the show."

Prior to being Ramsay's sous chef, he gained attention from the majority of the viewers as well as the industry's top critics. 

After finishing as the runner-up in "Hell's Kitchen" season 7, Jason Santos has managed to open his company called Blue Inc. followed by two more high-end establishments called Abby Lane, located in Boston's Theater District, and an upscale bistro called Back Bay Harry's. 

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