The newest season of "Selena + Chef" is likely to make some Filipino fans happy. Selena Gomez is a known star even in the Philippines and her putting a spin on the iconic Filipino dish is likely to draw in more fans. 

"Selena + Chef" Season 2 Trailer

The former Disney star is not shying away from cooking new and unfamiliar (to her) dishes on the second season of "Selena + Chef" on HBO Max. The star is delving into international dishes she never tried cooking in the past, including a very popular, and quite iconic Filipino dish. 

In a trailer posted on Monday, January 11, Selena, who is a self-proclaimed amateur in the kitchen, attempts different recipes, alongside several guest celebrity chefs.

One of them is a Filipino chef, who gave the star an opportunity to cook "adobo." All Filipinos have at least once in their lives, ate this popular dish and to see an international star cook it on her show is likely to raise some good vibes. 

Filipino-American chef Jordan Andino Cooks with Selena Gomez

The chef is Filipino-American chef Jordan Andino, who owns a quite successful Filipino taqueria called Flip Sigi located in New York, as reported by Rappler

Apart from the Filipino chef, Selena Gomez looks like she had to please another expert of the dish - Andino's grandma.

The trailer shows the "Lose You to Love You" singer proudly showing off a place of saucy "adobo" with rice (a constant companion based on our research), to Andino's grandmother through a video chat. According to Philippine Star, Selena Gomez must have tried her best to make her version of the dish as Filipino as possible, by using a Philippine vinegar brand - "Datu Puti."

The elderly expert seems hard to please, because when the singer actress asked her what she thinks of her output, the grandma only gave an "it's okay" response. 

Whether or not the dish tasted good though remains to be seen when the episode airs. 

"Selena + Chef" Season 2 will stream on HBO Max starting January 21. 

Selena Gomez was in Philippines for her "Revival" tour in 2016, and then the following year, still had the memory of that concert tour. 

In 2017, a year after that "Revival Tour in Manila," she posted a heartwarming statement to her Filipino fans in her Facebook Stories. 

"Philippines, I can't believe it's been one year since I saw your lovely faces!" she wrote on her Facebook Stories post, as reported by ABSCBN. "I remember you were all so beautiful and you sang loud. One of the best crowds ever," she added. 

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