The SAG Awards 2021 will see a clash of two of the biggest historical period dramas: "The Crown" and "Bridgerton."

On February 6, the SAG Awards 2021 nominees have been finally introduced to the public. Through InstagramLilly Collins and Daveed Diggs served the list, which was selected by 121,000 members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Netflix, once again, dominated the Best Drama Series Ensemble nomination after four of its series secured slots on the category.

"Better Call Saul," "Bridgerton," "The Crown," "Lovecraft Country" and HBO's "Ozark" will compete to win the crown.

But among these five, the votes for this SAG Awards 2021 prediction is expected go to "The Crown" and "Bridgerton."

"The Crown" vs. "Bridgerton": Which Should Win at SAG Awards 2021?

The streaming giant immediately caught more attention after creating the sumptuous royal drama in 2016. Although "The Crown" has not ended yet, Netflix released another historical drama, "Bridgerton," which took more spotlight upon its debut.

Now, the real question is: who is the better contender among the two?

"The Crown" centers around the lives of the British royal family--from the life of Queen Elizabeth II in the 1940s to modern times.

"Bridgerton," on the other hand, is a romantic series that tells the story of the powerful Bridgerton family during the Regency era in England.

The two extremely share the same things--from its cast members' costumes to the filming locations.

There have been reports that the two series also compete at the same state homes, showing that both of them aim to be the best feature in the platform.

But physical elements aside, both series offer different vibes which could make the decision-making even harder.

"The Crown" central cast members, like Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter, manage to keep their audiences pay attention to the story. While the crowd is already interested in learning the Queen's life, the team literally creates gossips in every episode.

Meanwhile, Rege-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor gave life to the characters of Julia Quinn's eight books series.

The award should not only be given to a title whose budget exceeds anything else. The best drama should not only create a story that would touch people's lives but also refrain from creating fusses that damage reputations.

With that said, it is safe to hail "Bridgerton" as a better drama series than "The Crown."

The new series offers the best storyline for the younger crowd--the ones who will keep the film industry burning. "Bridgerton" has that youthful feel episodes that comes with the right mix and balance of romanticism and realism.

Although "The Crown" is worthy, too, the wholesomeness of "Bridgerton" makes it worthier than anything else--and it is what the best drama series should have.

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