Netflix's new series series titled "Tribes of Europa" has gotten mixed reviews from critics.

It's only a six-episode series that revolves around a dystopian world ruled by barbaric and unruly tribes seeking natural powers.

It's also a German-language show featuring German actors, but the producers are the same ones who produced the hit show "Dark."

About 'Tribes of Europa' Season 1

Three siblings, Kiano, Liv and Elja, are set out to change the fate of Europe after a worldwide catastrophe caused chaos in the nation.

European nations split into aggressive tribal micro-states who compete for dominance over the other states.

The three leads get caught up in the middle of the conflict when they suddenly stumble upon a mysterious cube.

The three siblings come from the peaceful, orderly tribe called Origine, and they were later forced to be separated and create their action-packed path as they fight for the future of a new Europa.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Elja's mission is to return the mysterious cube to the Atlanta tribe, the real owner, but only to find out that the other and more violent tribes are very aware of its existence and want to get their hands on it.

'Tribes of Europa' Reviews

Game of Thrones-esque

Den of Geek compared "Tribes of Europa" to the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones," with the siblings' separation similar to the Starks.

"Only, we hope it doesn't take eight seasons for them to be reunited," the outlet stated.

A More Brutal Version of 'The Hunger Games'

It also gives out "The Hunger Games" vibes, with empty streets, abandoned buildings and ragged clothes--showing poor districts similar to the movie series.

It's the same for the Netflix series, as it has little to no color showing throughout the episodes.

Additionally, there are similarities between "Tribes of Europa" and "The Hunger Games" because of its bloodsport.

But Den of Geek believes that "the level of brutality may not even be rivaled by another show of this kind."

Excellent Character Development, But...

Character development has been handled pretty well throughout, as the three leads created a friendship, all while leading the tribe and supporting their family despite the fact that the initial parts gave them a useless impression.

Entertainment.IE praised the platform for a big-budget European show to watch worldwide, but they believe that the acting is stiff and laughable.

Big-Budget Series But No Budget for Great CGI

The CGI also looked like it was made in the early 2000s despite the show boasting about it as part of futuristic technology.

The outlet also said that there are a lot of difficult-to-follow fight sequences.

'Dark' Fans Will Be Disappointed

Those who love "Dark" and are excited to watch "Tribes of Europa" may not like this show because it's not that unique.

Other shows and movies with the same theme didn't cheapen their budget for a more believable CGI and lesser messy sequences.

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