"Allen v. Farrow" premieres on HBO Max on Sunday.

The four-part documentary series will tackle years of sensational headlines to reveal one of Hollywood's most notorious and public scandals.

Allen v. Farrow Bombshell Summary

The scandal has been covered in the last 30 years after the 85-year-old has allegedly sexually abused their 7-year-old daughter at the time, Dylan Farrow, who is now 35 years old.

In the first episode of the highly-anticipated series, Mia Farrow revealed what she felt after discovering that her boyfriend, Woody Allen, was having an affair with her daughter and her life's ultimate regret.

Here are x of the most explosive bombshells on "Allen v. Farrow's" first episode.

Great Regret

Mia Farrow spoke about her daughter Dylan's accusations against Allen and bringing him into their family.

"That's the great regret of my life, that I wasn't wise enough. It's my fault."

She added, "I get why people can't believe it because who on Earth could believe that of Woody Allen? I couldn't believe it."

In the docuseries, the "Great Gatsby" actress said she kept her life as a mom separate from being Allen's girlfriend because it seemed like the "Midnight In Paris" director didn't want to be a dad.

The "Rosemary's Baby" actress was a mom to seven kids before she dated Allen, twins Matthew and Sascha, Lark Song, Fletcher, Summer, Soon-Yi, and Moses.

No Parental Attachments

But Woody Allen later warmed up to her kids, particularly to Moses.

In "Allen v. Farrow," she revealed approaching her then-boyfriend about having a child together. The filmmaker agreed but on the condition that he wouldn't have parental attachments.

So when the pair couldn't conceive, they decided to adopt - ending up with a girl and named her Dylan.

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Devotion to Dylan

Mia Farrow recalled that Woody Allen had an extreme amount of attention towards Dylan, which became stressful for the entire family.

The "Bullets Over Broadway" director was also spotted cuddling with Dylan in just his underwear. The "See No Evil" actress was in denial because she wanted to believe that her kids' dad and her daughter were doing innocent things.

This included seeing Allen with his head in his daughter's lap.

Discovering Raunchy Photos

One of the most shocking moments Farrow remembers was finding raunchy pictures of their daughter, Soon-Yi, taken by Allen.

She described the photos as "'Hustler'" type of pictures, the kind that "wouldn't put them in Playboy."

Farrow revealed she couldn't breathe after seeing them and didn't fault her daughter because she was 21 at the time.

At the time the photos were discovered, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were dating for 12 years, while he and Soon-Yi were having a romantic relationship for seven months already.

Not Just Soon-Yi

But in "Allen v. Farrow," Dylan also revealed that her dad also took naked photos of her.

Dylan recalled having the thought, "That was sort of the first instance that I thought, 'Oh, it's not just me.'"

"Allen v. Farrow" will air for three more Sundays on HBO. Filmmakers Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering, and Amy Herdy have access to 60 boxes of case files stored in a lawyer's office since the 90s.

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