Country singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini appeared on the latest RADIO.COM program Coop on the Rockin' Country Saturday Night, sharing her celebrity encounters and insights on her hit single "hole in the bottle."

Since its release on country music radio stations last May 2020, the hype around "hole in the bottle" doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon. In a previous RADIO.COM interview, she explains all three versions of the track - using wine analogies.

"It was literally us, getting a little wine-drunk and kind of jokingly writing this song," Kelsea recalls in her latest Coop appearance. Now, she shares what is in the version of the track that includes country music icon, Shania Twain. Kelsea recalls how the Canadian singer-songwriter approached her before the quarantine began, asking her if she's interested in a collaborative project. Tongue-tied, she instantly agreed to the project. After the two artists shared ideas over voice notes, Kelsea came across the idea to ask Shania to join her in "hole in a bottle," whose video references the country legend in a way.

"The funnier part about it is, I've actually gotten a chance to have a couple of glasses of wine with Shania before," Ballerini told RADIO.COM, adding that Shania's participation in the project brought a new life to the hit 2020 track.


Sharing stories behind other tracks from her third studio album, "Kelsea," Ballerini shared having to move into the suburbs from their condo unit with her husband Morgan Evans. In their move, they had to leave their now-famed autograph wall that had impressive signatures over the years.

"The first person to sign it was Ed Sheeran," Kelsea fondly recalls, explaining where the signature came from. One time, while going out for dinner with her husband Morgan, together with Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs, who was with his wife Nicole Hocking. A little while later, Kelsea Ballerini excused herself to take the dog out for a walk. While the rest of the group continued, Ed Sheeran just decided to sign the autograph wall, starting the tradition with Luke Combs also signing the wall.

"Anyone that came over would sign this wall or write a little message. It was like our wall of fame and then we moved so we had to paint over it. It was a sad day," Kelsea laments in her latest RADIO.COM appearance. During the chat on Coop, Kelsea lit up and shared that she plans to restart the tradition in their new home.

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