Michael Wolf Snyder Cause of Death: 'Nomadland' Sound Mixer's Troubled Days Revealed

"Nomadland" sound mixer, Michael Wolf Snyder, has died at the age of 35.

Through a Facebook post, Michael's father, David, confirmed the production sound mixer's death.

The message was later shared by Snyder's aunt, Cathy.

David, who is a psychiatrist, revealed that his son died by suicide. For years, the sound mixer reportedly suffered from depression which caused him to claim his own life.

"For most people, this is an illness that waxes and wanes over the years. I'm sure it was difficult for Michael that he spent most of the last year alone in his small, Queens apartment, being responsible about dealing with the coronavirus," he said, as quoted by Cathy.

Although they were aware of what he was going through, he revealed that Michael seemed to be happy in the past year.

For the father, Michael Wolf Snyder's cause of death has been truly shocking, especially since the "Nomadland" staff member had been thrilled about the milestones of the film.

Unfortunately, Michael will not be there anymore to see whether the film could conquer the Golden Globes.

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Though people initially thought that it was COVID-19-related, David noted that it affected his son emotionally as it increased Michael's isolation and loneliness.

"I am a psychiatrist who was not able to save his own son, partly because he would not share the depth of his pain. But I know that most people with this condition will recover with the proper help and support," he added.

David went on to wish that Michael Wolf Snyder's cause of death would push people to speak up and seek help.

In the end, he paid tribute to his son, thanking all Michael's supporters who helped him until the day he died.

Colleagues Paid Tributes

Meanwhile, people who worked with the production sound mixer also took their time to remember the time they spent with Michael.

"Nomadland" star Frances McDormand sent a statement to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter to pay tribute to the late staff.

"Wolf recorded our heart beats. Our every breath. For me, he is Nomadland," McDormand said.

Director Chloe Zhao also remembered the times she worked with him on the sets of "Nomadland" and "The Rider."

"I will always miss him. He would always be with me on set, after each take, and in the silence of every room tone. See you down the road, my friend," she wrote, as quoted by People.

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