After getting involved in a single-car crash, Tiger Woods is reportedly free from any infraction since he did not violate a traffic law.

According to county Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the authorities did not find any proof that he violated the law. However, a reporter suggested that the live coverage after the accident happened and the new affidavit clearly show the truth people might have missed.

In an article written by Phil Mushnick of the New York Post, he noted that the live coverage of Tiger Woods' alleged accident wholly ignored what truly happened.

For what it's worth, official reports revealed that Woods was speeding while crossing the center median. Within those seconds, he did not leave any skid marks that could indicate he used his brakes to prevent the crash.

Unfortunately, the day-long coverage reportedly had twisted the truth again and made it look like the golfer was only a victim of a tragic "accident."

"The preliminary evidence shows it wasn't an accident, as caused by unlucky fate as the New York Times reported, but this was the result of his flagrantly reckless driving - even if no drugs were involved this time," he went on.

Mushnick noted that what happened in 2017 might happen again today.

To recall, Woods got himself involved in a DUI after indulging himself with prescription painkillers. During that year, police found him semiconscious on the wrong side of the road.

People online began to insist that it was reckless driving, but his bad back excused him from getting the charges.

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People Question 24-Hour Coverage

Mushnick's article echoed what people have been saying about the 24-hour coverage of the accident "that doesn't make sense."

One Twitter user said, "Tiger Woods is a big story, granted. But is it a wall to wall coverage story, since he's going to live, and they don't really know anything anyway?"

"tiger woods is getting more coverage on the news than the millions of lives that were at risk/ were taken during the ice storm......and that's what's wrong with the world we live in," another one added.

Tiger Woods Could Face Charges for Misdemeanor Reckless Driving

While the live coverage seemingly shifted people's attention from the real cause of Tiger Woods' car crash, the affidavit tried to refocus them again.

This week, TMZ reported that though the words "reckless driving" did not appear in the warrant, a judge cannot truly sign on it unless there is probable cause.

The black box of Woods' car would determine what truly happened before, during, and after the tragedy.

For now, two possible circumstances could explain the filing of the affidavit. One, someone from the Sheriff's Department might have spoken directly to the judge and talked about "reckless driving" directly.

The second is the judge reviewed the search warrant filing and felt that reckless driving truly occurred.

As of the writing, the truth has not been outed, yet. But fans can only hope that it will not be another case the authorities bury in the end.

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