'South Park: South Parq - the Vaccination Special' Review: What Critics Are Saying and What the Episode Tackles

"South Park" has released a special episode titled "South ParQ Vaccination Special" that addresses COVID-19 vaccines and satirizes QAnon.

The story revolves around the rest of the South Park gang who's trying to get a vaccine for Mrs. Nelson, their teacher, and later faces QAnon conspiracy theorists as well as dealing with isolation.

One of the plots includes QAnon supporters challenging the efficacy of the vaccine and even went as far as harassing Mr. Garrison, who is finally back from his sabbatical.

Celebrities were also featured on the show, including Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

However, the "South ParQ Vaccination Special" is getting mixed reviews from critics.

Exploring Ideas of Never Going Back to Normal

IGN raved about the show and how the theme is giving the viewers major throwback vibes due to some classic season references and exploring the idea that things may never go back to normal with the virus.

Not Funny, Not Entertaining

As per Salon, this episode isn't the most entertaining and not in the slightest bit funny because of everything that's happening.

"One day soon, we'll be eager to belly laugh at what it shows us. Just not now."

One of the Better Episodes

However, Den of Geek said that the "South Park Vaccination Special" is far superior to the previous "Pandemic Special" and is considered to be one of the best episodes for its "nostalgia-drenched bright spot at the tail end of a very long year."

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"Amid all the insanity, the show never loses focus of the four boys at its center. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny have all dealt with the boredom of being together for 25 years before, but something about their dissatisfaction this time feels more acute...and more adult."

What the 'South Park: South ParQ Vaccination Special' Episode Tackles

Vaccination Club

Two teachers were dismissed when they were trying to get into the vaccination club. But the bouncer allowed a 79-year-old woman who walks in without even asking her questions.

Almost 130 million vaccines have been distributed in real life, and nearly 96 million have already been administered.

Childhood Depression

South Park kids were forced to do virtual school and away from their friends. Cartman told the gang that their friend Kenny has been feeling down during the pandemic in the episode.

Cartman said, "Even though things are supposedly getting better with the pandemic, we're more depressed than ever."

"The four of us just seem different toward each other, and we're worried the past year has put a strain on our broship."

Social Distancing and Masks

Throughout the "South ParQ Vaccination Special" episode, all characters wore masks and were socially distancing except for the villains.

Partying After Being Vaccinated

When one of the characters died because they didn't get the vaccine, the pastor urged the people to "screw these masks, and party likes it's 2021."

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