'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier': Who is WORTHIER to Be Captain America's Successor?

The "Avengers: Endgame" and "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" already set Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson as Captain America's successor. However, things may potentially change depending on the Disney+ series.

It is only a few days left before the official release of the second series on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.

While episode 1 is yet to arrive, there have been questions surrounding Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' characters.

However, the head writer and executive producer Matt Shakman set the record straight and revealed that Barnes can also succeed Steve Rogers.

Who Will Succeed Captain America?

In an interview with TV Line, the head writer detailed how Winter Soldier could yield the Captain America shield. Still, he noted that the character should be able to move on from his ugly past as the Winter Soldier before it happens.

"Bucky showed up with more baggage than any hero in Marvel history, and we took all that baggage and distilled it down to a single storyline and a single character that he's dealing with," he said, as quoted by Screenrant.

Shakman then served the two potential futures of the character.

One, if Winter Soldier fails to change his future, then he might become the monster he never wanted to be.

But if he ever overcomes his past and moves on from it, there is a chance that he could be reborn as someone worthy of wielding the shield and receiving praises Steve Rogers used to enjoy.

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To make it come true, the executive producer said that Bucky needs to get over his experiences and become a hero in his own right.

But it is worth noting that both Sam and Bucky wielded Captain America shield. Only during "Avengers: Endgame" when Marvel Studios chose Sam as the ultimate successor of Captain America.

Still, Bucky is the most unique character in the MCU so far. Compared to the heroes in the new phase, he never appeared in the franchise since Phase 1.

Through "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" though, he will finally start his heroic arc and leave his past when he was still working as HYDRA's brainwashed operative.

The same setup goes for Mackie's character, as well. Per the actor, Sam's future will only be determined after the Disney+ series ended.

"I think everyone's gonna have a very, a new perspective on our characters and a new appreciation for our characters, once these shows come out. And that'll help us figure out how we move forward," he told comicbook.com.

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