Making two or more heroes appear in one movie has been Marvel Studios' forte over the years. However, making Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch join "Spider-Man 3" may not be a good idea at all.

The filming of "Spider-Man 3" already began last year. It then became the most-talked-about film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a, overshadowing the first few films inMarvel's Phase 4 lineup.

Out of all news surrounding Tom Holland's film, Olsen's hint about her character joining the installment is the most shocking ever.

In an interview with Capital FM, the 31-year-old "WandaVision" star dropped the possibility of her character appearing in another film.

"I assume you might [see Wanda in Spider-Man 3] if everyone's in it, but I haven't showed up to that party yet," she said.

Currently, "Spider-Man 3" will reportedly have connections with "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."

Meanwhile, it also turns out that Benedict Cumberbatch's movie also shares some connection with Disney+ "Wandavision."

Although this reasoning obviously shows that it might truly happen, there are reasons why Olsen must not appear in "Spider-Man 3."

Elizabeth Olsen's Character Will Ruin Spider-Man's Universe

As MCU fans all know, Scarlet's power includes reality warping.

It remains unknown what will be the story of "Spider-Man 3." Some say it would be a Spiderverse, but having Scarlet on the movie means Marvel is about to unleash the House of M storyline.

In that storyline, Scarlet has the most unstable power among other heroes. She then creates a world where the deepest wishes of every character in the MCU become possible.

Unfortunately, Spider-Man is the most traumatized among them.

In the said reality, his Uncle Ben is still alive. Peter Parker is also married to Gwen Stacy and currently lives with their son.

But when Layla Miller, a young mutant, comes into the picture, she brings Peter back to the real world after looking him in the eye.

Upon discovering the reality, Peter panics and tells Wolverine that he wants to kill Scarlet Witch.

Having this plot sounds too much for the upcoming "Spider-Man" flick. Thus, Olsen's appearance should not be considered--at least for now.

Scarlet Witch's Appearance Not Needed on "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

The end of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" showed that Peter Parker's identity had been revealed. Spider-Man also suffered mentally after the "death" of Mysterio.

Having Scarlet on the next film to "fix" these imperfections would only make things worse. It could also shift the focus to her, making her look like a supervillain in Spidey's life instead.

It is currently too early for her to join the franchise, although Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange will be part of it.

"Spider-Man 3" Is Already Star-Studded

The recent updates of "Spider-Man 3" tell about the potential return of the first two Spider-Man actors, as well as their movie's antagonist.

Last year, The Hollywood Reporter said that Jamie Foxx will return to reprise his role as Electro. Foxx initially landed the role in the Andrew Garfield-led film, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Doctor Strange's appearance makes sense if this would happen, and  it also means that a universe where Holland, Garfield and Tobey Maguire is highly likely.

With all these names involved in the film, it is already suffocating to add another character who--in the first place--never had a direct connection in Spiderverse.

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