Cristina Yang might appear in season 17 of "Grey's Anatomy," and this is not a drill.

In this current season, the fictional Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital mirrors the real-life happenings as they face and battle the coronavirus pandemic. The lead star Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, has been contracted this deadly virus.

Currently, Meredith is put on a ventilator to keep her alive. However, during her life-threatening battle, she meets with people she loved and lost over in her dreams at the beach.

She has also seen and talked to her husband Derek Shepherd, her close friend George O'Malley, and her good friend and ex Andrew De Luca, who died just this season after being stabbed.

Last Thursday's latest episode made "Grey's Anatomy" fans go head over heels after the show brought back two well-loved characters, Lexie Grey, Meredith's little sister, and Mark Sloan.

Even with the number of people making a re-appearance on "Grey's Anatomy," one character keeps coming up, and that's Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh.

Cristina is Meredith's "person" and "twisted sister" who left in season 10 to become the cardiothoracic head in a hospital in Switzerland.

Now, fans, one wish may be coming true as there are already clues pointing out that Cristina Yang may appear this season.

Cristina Yang Reappearing on 'Grey's Anatomy' Clues

After the events that took place on Thursday's episode titled "Breathe" and the episode before that titled "In My Life," it's possible Cristina Yang will be gracing the halls of Grey-Sloan Medical Center pretty soon.

In looking at her relationship with baby daddy Owen Hunt, Cristina Yang's name was mentioned about five times in that episode.

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In "Breathe," there was a text message exchange showed between Cristina and Owen.

Cristina was demanding updates on Meredith's status and telling Owen to send pictures of Meredith's charts.


Additionally, in the previous episodes, George O'Malley reminded Meredith that unlike him, Cristina Yang is still pretty much alive, so that could be a possible foreshadowing.

Co-Star Drops Hint of Cristina Yang's Possible Return

Teddy, who plays actor Kim River, dropped a clue when she singled out Sandra Oh as a "Grey's Anatomy" alum she would like to see return for season 17.

Speaking to E! News, Kim said, "For Teddy and Cristina to be able to have scenes together again would be incredible."

But then she reminded herself to not spoil anything, "I have to be very careful with the way I talk because I don't want to give anything away."

Kim added, "But I will say it's just amazing to have the cast members that were here before return because I think we all do feel connected."

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