James Hampton of "Teen Wolf" has reportedly died after suffering from complications. He succumbed at the age of 84.

A family spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Hampton passed away on Wednesday at his home in Fort Worth, Texas.

They added that the complications brought by his Parkinson's disease claimed his life. The representative did not further detail what kind of complications Hampton suffered from nor the exact stage of the disease.

But according to Health Line's Dr. Seunggu Han, Parkinson's disease mostly affects patient's movements. Dementia, sleep disorders, and bladder problems are the most common complications.

Meanwhile, the major causes of death among PD patients include falls and infections.

Hampton's cousin, Teddy McMurray, also announced the news on his Twitter account. McMurray shared four notable photos of the actor.

"Sometimes people wonder where my sense of humor comes from. Well, it's a family thing. My cousin, James Hampton, went to Heaven today. I loved having a famous actor as my cousin growing up!" he said.

Colleagues Send Tributes

Following the emergence of the heartbreaking news, family friends left messages to support them amid trying times.

"I met him many years ago at The Hollywood Collectors Show. He confirmed that He was the James Hampton I saw in the directing credits on Evening Shade. Very friendly with his fans," one Twitter user recalled.

Another one wrote, "Just saw that James Hampton passed away. R.I.P. he was a very nice guy and a joy to meet."

During the early years of his life, Hampton was in the cavalry at Fort Knox before studying acting with Baruch Lumet at the Knox Street Theater.

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He first tried his luck by auditioning in "The Cliff Dwellers." He went on to be signed by agent Walter Kohner in Los Angeles.

A close friend of Burt Reynolds, the two appeared on an episode for "Gunsmoke." Reynolds and Hampton continued to be castmates for more flicks, including "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing," "The Longest Yard," "W.W. And the Dixie Dancekings," and "Hustle."

Aside from being an actor, Hampton both served as the writer and director for Reynolds' CBS sitcom, "Evening Shade."

For the first version of "Teen Wolf" in 1985, he began working as a basketball coach before becoming the paternal werewolf Harold Howard.

Under his belt lies several flicks, like "Full House and Days of Our Lives," "Condorman," and "Pump Up the Volume."

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