Bernie Madoff has died in prison at the age of 82, the Bureau of Prisons confirmed.

On Wednesday, Madoff died at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, due to natural cause, his lawyer and the Federal Bureau of Prisons revealed.

The exact cause of death remained unknown, but the Associated Press noted that it was not COVID-19-related. However, for what it's worth, Madoff filed a document in February where he asked the court to release him since he had terminal kidney failure.

Bernie Madoff's Cause of Death

In the same filing, he revealed that he was also suffering from several health conditions including bladder neck obstruction, cardiovascular disease, hyperparathyroidism, and hypertension.

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He added that he also had acid reflux and insomnia. Madoff then reasoned out that he should be released as he no longer posed threat to the public, and he deserved a "compassionate release" due to his terminal illness.

Unfortunately, the judge disapproved of his request and the possible compassionate release.

"Bernie, up until his death, lived with guilt and remorse for his crimes," his lawyer Brandon Sample said in a statement," his lawyer said, per BBC. "Although the crimes Bernie was convicted of have come to define who he was - he was also a father and a husband.

What Led Bernie Madoff to Scam

It all started when he set up his firm Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities decades ago. At that time, the company grew into one of the largest market-makers.

Through its stint, the company was put under investigation eight times by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He was finally busted in 2008 after his two sons turned him in.

Madoff faced 150-year of sentence after getting involved in fraud and the long-running Ponzi scheme. The operation allowed him to take cash from more than 40,000 people in 125 countries since the 1970s. Among his victims were Elie Weisel, Sandy Koufax, Kevin Bacon, and Steven Spielberg.

In an e-mail to CNBC in 2013, he revealed that the break in the market caused the Great Recession.

"I thought this would be only a short-term trade which could be made up once the market became receptive," he said. "The rest is my tragic history of never being able to recover."

He ended up pleading guilty to 11 federal felony counts, causing the judge to maximize his sentence.

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