Prince Philip's Funeral Will Be Drama-Free Thanks To One Move Queen Elizabeth II Approved

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Today is the last day for the royal staff to rehearse and prepare for Prince Philip's funeral, which will happen tomorrow, Apr. 17.

Aside from this very special ceremony that will alter the British royal family history, all eyes will be on Queen Elizabeth II and his grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

The Daily Mail has detailed the funeral procession, which the Grenadier Guards band will lead. The top military chiefs and Prince Philip's coffin will be arriving at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Then it will follow critical members of the royal family, including Prince Philip's children Prince Charles, Princess Anne, then Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

But according to the outlet, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex will not be standing shoulder-to-shoulder behind their grandfather's coffin in a surprise move by Her Majesty.

Instead, they will be separated by their cousin, Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, as they make their way to the chapel.

But not only will the two brothers not walking side by side, but they also will not be standing next to each other inside the chapel.

Princess Anne's second husband, Timothy James Hamilton Laurence, and the Earl of Snowdown will be walking after Prince William, Peter Phillips, and Prince Harry.

The rear will be the household staff close to Prince Philip, including his valets, pages, personal protection officer, and private secretary.

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Why Prince Harry and Prince William Will Be Separated at Prince Philip's Funeral

Prince Harry and Prince William
(Photo : Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Perhaps it's the palace's way to refuse to create any drama at Prince Philip's funeral.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said, "This is a funeral [and] we will not be drawn into those perceptions of drama. The arrangements have been agreed and reflect Her Majesty's wishes."

Additionally, royal biographer Hugo Vickers believes that Peter has been intentionally put in between his two cousins so they can find a way to fix their broken relationship.

"Peter Philips was incredibly good with the boys when Diana died, so I think it will be very good for them," he said.

"Sometimes I think that when people behave very well in public, which I think they will do, they find it easier to behave better in private. Prince Philip and the Queen were conciliators all their life so I'm sure that is what he would have wanted."


Queen Elizabeth II Prepares for Prince Philip's Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly "bearing up well" as she signs off on final preparations and decisions to be made at her husband's funeral tomorrow.

An insider revealed to the Daily Mail, "Final preparations going on today and she is in control."

This afternoon, she will also be confirming her outfit for tomorrow and will reportedly have a haircut.

"The Queen will be relying heavily on Angela Kelly, her dresser, for support today. And she is going to be visited by her hairdresser Ian Carmichael."

Tomorrow, she will be sat herself in the quire, but her ladies-in-waiting will accompany her to the procession to Windsor Castle but will be staying outside due to the 30-visitor rule.

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