Celebrities are no stranger in looking for love, they're like us. While most of us are using dating apps such as Bumble, Tinder, Ok Cupid and the likes, our favorite Hollywood Stars are using 'Raya', an exclusive membership-based dating app for celebrities and other famous personalities, the app was launched in 2015.

If you want to take your shot in meeting your celebrity crushes, it's not going to be an easy process. According to the app's website, they have a multi-faceted application process to have a membership, this ensures that new members are making their community more diverse and dynamic. You have to fill up an application that are assessed based on algorithmic values, application approvals can take from a day to a few months, it's not even guaranteed that you'll get approved instantly.

The app is also careful when it comes to privacy, their team is carefully curating each application as well as current members. According to an article published by The Cut, you'll get an alert threatening to exterminate your account if you take a screen shot of someone's profile. 

While the app's website does not show the price range of their membership, an article by The New York Times revealed that the dating app costs only $7.99 a month.

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Which famous celebrities are on the dating app?

Cara Delevingne 

What would you do if you see a supermodel on a dating app? You immediately interact with them an take your shot! According to an article published by Nylon, the model and actress had used the app in the past. 

Joe Jonas

Every girl's dreamboat, 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers, and 1/4 of DNCE, Joe Jonas was seen in the app in the past. Unfortunately, his online dating days are over and it's impossible to see him again on Raya. Jonas is happily married to wife Sophie Turner since 2019. Do you think they met in the app?


The 42-year-old producer/muscician/DJ was recently seen in the app. He had a controversial issue with another celebrity in this list, the DJ was under fire after livestreaming the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's private wedding, Jonas even said Diplo "ruined" their special day, the musician then apologized for the inconvenience. 

Cody Simpson 

The singer and heartthrob was reported to be in the app. Simpson used to date the chart-rising popstar Miley Cyrus, the couple has ended their relationship in August of 2020 that lasted for 10 months. 

Raven Symoné 

The former disney star was also seen on the dating app in the past. 

Ben Affleck

A tiktok video recently became viral after an app user said she unmatched Ben Affleck because she thought the account was fake. The actor then sent a video to the girl via Instagram confirming it was really him. 

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