Community creator Dan Harmon made an appearance at Comic-Con Saturday to answer questions and tease about season 5 of the show.

Harmon said that he and the writers have already hit the ground running on story ideas for the new season.

"We have broken about six stories, I think," Harmon revealed to TV Line. "Conceptualized almost all 13 [episodes] with a few gaps where it says on the whiteboard 'normal episode.' There's only 13, so it filled up pretty quickly with the things that we wanted to do."

Though he remained tight-lipped on what type of episodes fans may be seeing in the upcoming season, he did spoil one concept in brief.

"We're gonna do an animated episode," he revealed, saying that there "won't be a lick of live-action."

Community produced an animated episode in season 2 called Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, in which the characters were stop-motion animated. He also revealed that he wants to do a "disaster movie," but is still working out the kinks

He explained that such an episode would be hard to do, rhetorically asking, "how do you do that in a way that lets the characters feel real. You can't just have molten lava going down the hallways and say 'oh it was all a dream!'"

As for how the show will bring Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) back into the fold after graduating in the season 4 finale, Harmon said that the writers will find a way for him to return. He added that he was going to reestablish Jeff's presence at Greendale Community College.

"I want him back at that table," Harmon said. "I want him back in those hallways." 

Harmon also divulged that Donald Glover (who plays Troy Barnes) would only be appearing in a five-episode chunk in season 5 before leaving the show. Troy would be getting a proper sendoff and Harmon suggested that it will be emotional.

Community will premiere during the 2013-2014 television season on NBC, though an exact date has not been announced.

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