Sarah Bro, an alleged ex-girlfriend of Zac Efron recently spoke out about a Hollywood actor who allegedly manipulated and brainwashed her in the past.

Although Bro didn't directly name the said actor, many pointed out that Efron is the person behind the story as the two reportedly dated in the past.

Efron and Bro reportedly dated in early 2019 after they were seen together countless of times attending fitness classes and watching UFC matches together.


Bro, who's an Olympian swimmer, hosts a Danish podcast titled "Hjerteflimmer for voksne" alongside Jytte Vikkelsø. The athlete vented her feelings in a recent episode about a relationship with an actor in the past.

"I was dating a movie star over in the US. Something I have never talked about before to the media, because I have not seen any reason for it," Bro stated in the show which was translated from Danish to English.

"I can also feel that it is difficult to talk about love, without also talking about the one thing that has made me truly believe in my heart that I should not have a boyfriend again." she added.

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The 25-year-old Olympic swimmer recalled her dark days when she was still in a relationship with the unnamed star "I had been so manipulated and almost brainwashed, but also because I was young, confused, and in love, and that I chose to turn a blind eye on purpose." she stated.

Bro then explained that the unnamed celebrity was "annoyed" by how happy she is which eventually lead her to believe the narrative, but she noticed the big turn in her personality and acknowledge the change "It was really hard with someone where I compromised so much with my own boundaries. Eventually, I got so far away from who I really was that I couldn't recognize myself." she said.

The Danish pro-athlete then concluded the issue by saying she's already moved on with someone who makes her feel loved and special.

A few weeks ago, Efron ended his relationship with Australian model Vanessa Valladares after dating for 10 months.

The "High School Musical" alumna has not yet released a statement about Bro's recent podcast episode.

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