On today's episode of Good Morning Britain (GMB), Alastair Campbell mistakenly announed Queen Elizabeth II's death

Campbell, Metro reported, was interviewing guest Vinnie Jones for the ITV daytime show he co-hosts with Susanna Reid for Mental Health Awareness Week when he made the error.

"We talked a lot about Prince Philip after the death of the Queen," he said.

The Queen, who is 95 years old, is obviously very much alive.

Campbell realized his error a few minutes later and apologized to the puzzled viewers at home, explaining that he had mixed up Her Majesty with Prince Philip, who died on April 9 at Windsor Castle at the age of 99.

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Campbell interrupted Vinnie's interview after a few moments to correct himself.

He interjected, "Can I just say something, I think I may have accidentally announced the death of the Queen" and clarified that he was of course referring to Prince Philip.

Susanna offered, "I think people understood exactly what you meant."

The blunder astounded viewers, who took to social media to point out the mistake.

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