On Sunday, Princess Anne and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence went to two memorial services in London for Anzac Day, where they laid wreaths at a war memorial at Wellington Arch.

They paid their respects and honored Australian and New Zealand servicemen and women who died serving their country.

It's been two weeks since the death of Prince Philip on April 9. The British royal family members have only carried out official duties where appropriate and have dressed in black as a mark of respect.

However, now, they are back to carrying out their full official roles after the two-week mourning period.

Princess Royal is known for her staunch stoicism, but her eyes were red-rimmed and tearful during her latest engagement.

According to a body language expert, Princess Anne struggles to come to terms with Prince Philip's death.

Judi James told Express that Princess Anne's choice of clothing suggests "it is business as usual in terms of royal duties, but her body language here hints she is still very much in mourning for her father."

She swapped the traditional black clothing that she wore following Prince Philip's death to a very vivid purple ensemble.

Princess Anne
(Photo : Jonathan Brady - Pool/Getty Images)
Princess Anne at Anzac Day

The expert can also see that there has been some sadness behind her exterior, adding, "Standing to attention, Anne does present in her usual stoic style, but it is clear in some of these poses that her eyes are red-rimmed and tearful, with a tear very clearly formed in one close-up shot."

Judi also mentioned how the 70-year-old royal stuffs her large bag under her arm, which is her signature move. However, with her hands clasped in front of her torso, it gives the impression that it's a comforting gesture.

Princess Anne
(Photo : Jonathan Brady - Pool/Getty Images)
Princess Anne at Anzac Day

Princess Anne had been very close to her father and even shared a very personal tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh just ahead of his funeral.

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Princess Anne's Deeply Emotional Tribute to Prince Philip

In her tribute to her dad, she described the 99-year-old royal as her "teacher, supporter, and critic."

"His ability to treat every person as an individual in their own right with their own skills comes through all the organizations with which he was involved."

Princess Anne was the first of the many members of The Firm to go out for official engagements, as the royal's period of mourning for Prince Philip has ended on Friday.

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