Fans may have figured out what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to name their daughter, whom they will be welcome in the next few months.

Some of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's fans believe she already dropped a massive clue of what their daughter's name is going to be thanks to her wardrobe of choice during an appearance for VAX Live.

The 39-year-old wore a $1,690 red Carolina Herrera dress that featured floral prints of poppy, which prompted many fans to think that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to name their daughter Poppy.

A Twitter user shared her observations on social media, writing, "During the broadcast, Meghan was seen wearing an absolutely gorgeous @carolinaherrera tie-waist shirt dress, covered in ... poppies. POPPY!?!!! What do we think?!! I've always loved the name and think it could be a perfect fit - given the backstory of the distinctive red flower."

In the UK, poppies are a symbol of support for the Armed Forces community, a community where the Duke of Sussex was once part of. It is widely known that Prince Harry served two tours of Afghanistan and later became the Captain in the British Army.

A different Twitter user believed that the poppies on Meghan Markle's outfit choice at the VAX Live appearance was an "easter egg" about their daughter's name.

She wrote, "I hope Meghan names the new princess Poppy and this was an easter egg."

Several fans believe that the flower choice on the Duchess' dress was a "shout-out" to the couple leaving behind their glitzy royal life in the UK for freedom in California, US.

One Twitter user explained, "It just occurred to me that Meghan's POPPY DRESS gave a HUGE nod to where she and Harry are. CALIFORNIA!"

"She wore the CALIFORNIA POPPY. When she married H she had CW flowers + poppies embroidered in her veil & the Q allowed the RF minions to chase her away. CALIFORNIA BABY!!."

 Another social media user pointed out, "So the golden poppy is the official state flower of Cali, but I'd like to think Meghan Markle is reppin' & showing some #californialove to her home state by wearing that poppy dress."

There wouldn't be much drama without adding other members of the British royal family into the mix. One fan thought it was Meghan Markle's way of "shading" the British family she left behind, following Her Majesty's February statement that the Sussexes are stepping down from their senior royal duties forever.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's second child will be arriving this summer, so royal fans will have to wait and see if the guesses about the name "Poppy" are real.

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Meghan Markle's Baby Shower

If during her first baby shower Meghan Markle celebrated the event with luxury and lots of VIP guests, this time, she is reportedly skipping the festivities in favor of using the resources to up their charitable causes.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly that the Duchess of Sussex doesn't think a "big baby shower" with lots of gifts is considered appropriate, given the strife in the world.

The insider shared that both Prince Harry and Meghan "feel their time and resources can be used for a better purpose."

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