The raw scans of "One Piece" 1013 seem to hint at a major fight between Eustass Kid and Big Mom in the manga's later chapters.

Thanks to gyrozepp95 and other group insiders, a new collection of "One Piece" 1013 scans is now accessible. Big Mom is angry that Tama runs alongside Nami and Ussop to get away from her, according to the English version of the scans. The Yonko attempts to hit all three of them with Napoleon, but Kid appears out of nowhere and stops him.

The Supernova then takes Big Mom's head and drops her to the ground with his gigantic metal fist. The Straw Hats are then told to leave because Big Mom is his prey.

Kid went looking for Big Mom after Killer told him that he would take care of Basil Hawkins in the previous chapter of the manga.

Chapter 1013 of "One Piece," titled "Anarchy in the BM," will be released on Sunday. After this chapter, the manga will take another week off. 

In "One Piece" 1012, Trafalgar Law entrusted Zoro to Sanji in order to locate Big Mom and prevent him from returning to the roof. Although the scans indicate that Kid's fight with the sea emperor will continue in the following pages, there's a chance that Law will join him. Big Mom is so strong that even Luffy can find it difficult to beat her.

Even though Kid is a formidable pirate, he might not be able to defeat Big Mom on his own. There's a good chance they'll be able to beat her with Law's assistance. Kid's strength is ideal for close-quarters combat, while Law's deception could disperse Big Mom's henchmen, making her less powerful and vulnerable.

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In the latest scans, an unconscious Luffy is seen falling in mid-air, with Onigashima floating well above him. Kaidou has apparently returned to his human form and believes his fight with the Straw Hats' captain is finally over.

"I knew it was going to end this way from the start," Kaidou says. "You're just a brat who got his hands on a strong weapon and went too far. Humans should not give up hope. They are unable to give up hope. That's funny. That's what makes it difficult for me."

"I haven't been this enthralled in a long time, so I made a blunder. I should've chopped off your head and declared victory,' "He came to a conclusion. "At this pace, everybody will just keep believing that you can beat me."