DMX passed away last April leaving a few words of wisdom to the world.

Earl Simmons, who's known for his hit song "The Ruff Ryders Anthem", gave his final interview just three weeks before he died.

His final words are airing on his two-part docuseries "Uncensored: DMX," which started today on TV One.

The second part, "Uncensored Special: DMX the Icon," will air on Monday at 10 PM ET.

DMX on Being A Father to 15 Kids

DMX is a dad to 15 kids and one of the things he talked about in the interview was the feeling of joy and challenges of being a father to all of them.

He revealed, "Teach your children the principles they should have and teach them their values."

DMX also revealed that he wanted to be a dad whom his kids can come talk to with whatever they want to do in their lives, no matter what those things may be.

"At the end of the day, parents are not good parents just because they have a child."

The rapper, who was 50 when he died, also explained that parents don't get a degree on how to raise a child, nor a child knows what they want to do or accomplish in life.

DMX on His Life and Career

Despite battling with drugs throughout his life, DMX reflected on "going to look back" on his life just before "I go" and "thank God for every single moment."

His positive message continued, "When (the moments) come together, you see the beauty of who you are and why you are."

The "X Gon' Give It to Ya" hitmaker also shared even more positive messages after facing many difficult situations from arrests and charges and being in and out of rehab.

DMX said of those experiences, "Sometimes blessings come in the form of a hard time or a difficult situation."

"Whatever you're going through will be easier to go through because you know on the other end, God is waiting with your boarding pass: 'Come on let's go.'"

He further said, "Don't let a bad memory stay a bad memory, give it to God."

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The Rapper's Special Connection with Dogs

In the series, DMX's co-rapper Styles P described him as a "dog man."

Throughout his lifetime, he featured dogs on his album cover and even named some of them, "Year of the Dog" and "Grand Champ."

DMX, who owned a dog named Boomer, described dogs as "companions" and went on to call them a "genuine gift" from heaven.

He said in the interview, "Two things capable of unconditional love: a dog (and) God. The same word spelled backward."

He also said that people were more afraid of a dog than a gun, which was why he committed robberies with Boomer by his side.

DMX died on Apr. 9, following his hospitalization on Apr. 2 for suspected drug overdose.

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