Tiger Woods' restaurant The Woods Jupiter in Florida is embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit together with the golfer and his girlfriend, Erica Herman.

In 2019, they were accused of over-serving a young customer with alcohol whom they reportedly knew was suffering from alcoholism.

According to court documents obtained by The Sun, the jury trial has been moved to Sept. 13, 2021, up to Oct. 8, 2021.

The outlet reported that both parties requested for the trial to be postponed due to one of the expert witnesses' wife passed away, making him unable to be deposed.

But this wasn't the first time the trial for the case has been pushed back.

The original hearing was initially set for Mar. 1, 2021, until Mar. 26, 2021, and then later moved to May 24, 2021, until Jun. 18, 2021.

News of Tiger Woods' trial hearing postponement comes after his major car accident in Feb.

What is Tiger Woods' Restaurant's Wrongful Death Case About?

In Dec. 2018, an employee at The Woods Jupiter died of a drunk driving accident. The man driving the car was Nicholas Immesberger, Woods' bartender, who had a high alcohol BAC of .256, three times the legal limit.

His parents, Scott Duchene and Mary Belowsky filed a wrongful death lawsuit against The Woods Jupiter and its owner, Tiger Woods.

According to the complaint, "The employees, management, and owners of The Woods not only ignored Immesberger's disease, but they also fueled it by over-serving him alcohol to the point of severe intoxication and then sending him out to his car to drive home."

They further believe that the 37-year-old Erica Herman "personally knew, recruited, and was well aware" of the victim's "habitual use of alcohol."

Per Palm Beach Post, the victim lost control of his 1999 Corvette and suffered fatal injuries after traveling more than 100mph on a road with a 55mph speed limit.

His cause of death was listed as "multiple blunt trauma injuries and the manner of death was an accident."

The document also mentioned how the management at the restaurant not only promoted the drinking of alcohol of their employees but also allowing them to drink on and off the job at the restaurant.

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Tiger Woods and GF Erica Herman Denies Wrongdoing

The 45-year-old golf icon and his girlfriend, who is the general manager of the restaurant, have been later dropped as Defendants on the case.

They also denied any wrongdoing, claiming that it was the bartender who "failed to use" his "operational seatbelt."

Immesberger's parents, the Plaintiffs, have also filed their witness list and evidence for the upcoming trial.

Their son's estate included The Woods Jupiter and Herman to be trial witnesses, including employees of the restaurant, his family members, and many more.

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