Singer and actor Nick Jonas was reportedly injured and taken to the hospital while working on a secret project.

According to TMZ, while filming on the set of an unnamed show, Jonas had been injured and was later taken to the hospital on Saturday.

At first, the nature of the incident was not disclosed by the sources but they confirmed that it was serious enough for the singer to be taken to the hospital.

 However, Jonas finally revealed the reason behind the accident as he was able to appear on Monday night's airing of "The Voice" as a coach, he said that he cracked a rib after riding a bicycle, he also mentioned that he suffered a few bruises and it hurts whenever he laughs.

The sources stated that the actor was released on Sunday night in order for him to appear on "The Voice"

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Nick didn't reveal whether he was working on set while the accident occured but the sources confirmed that he was and they have been very firm to keep the details behind the project a secret.

In another report, a different source revealed to TMZ that the singer, alongside "The Jonas Brothers"— Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas— are shooting a competition show for NBC which is possible that he was filming something for the show when the accident happened.

Earlier today, NBC announced that Nick and his brothers are going to have a show titled "Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers", an hour-long special which is set to air on July 21st, two days before Tokyo Summer Games' opening ceremony.

 The special revolves on the brothers competing with each other with help from a few Team USA's athletes. The commentators and participating Olympians are still not revealed.

Although NBC announced the upcoming show after reports of him being injured circulated, it is not yet confirmed whether Nick experienced the accident while working on the set of "Olympic Dreams".

It seems like 2021 is a busy year ahead for Nick Jonas, the singer recently released a new album titled "Spaceman", he also appears as a coach on NBC's "The Voice", the actor also appeared on Apple TV+'s series titled "Calls" early this year, and he's working on numerous projects.

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