Adrian's Kickback Party: How To Join TikTok's Weekend Event; Location, Address, Date, Time, More Details [Updated]

Adrian's Kickback Party has become one of the most talked-about happenings in the social media world recently.

Below are some details on the date, location, and time of Adrian's Kickback Party.

What Is Adrian's Kickback?

The hashtag #adrianskickback on TikTok is one of the trending hashtags on the platform with over 18 million views.

It's safe to say that the trend is definitely "kicking" right now.

But the name of the current trend comes from the song, "Kickback" by Adrian Hour. It is about 7 minutes long.

The possible reason why so many social media users are obsessed with the song on TikTok is that it's a groove hit.

The track seems to be skillfully crafted that builds up to a massive momentum then later explodes in the power of drums and synths.

The song also mixes a euphoric atmosphere with the darkness of clubs, making everybody all set to the dance floor.

Despite the song only feature anything but lyrics, the song manages to be a hit to everyone making them unexpectedly move to the groove.

"Kickback" which was released by Argentinian DJ and producer Adrian Hour released on SNOE, is said to be just a groove and funky music compilation.

Though the song was originally released somewhere between 2017 and 2018, why the sudden interest in the song?

When Is Adrian's Kickback Party, Location and Time

Adrian Lopez, a TikTok user who also claims that he is THE Adrian, posted last May 19 about an upcoming event.

In the video, he said he will be celebrating his birthday in the firepits of Huntington Beach.

Those who are interested in attending Adrian's Kickback Party should hit the location on May 22 at 7:30 PM.

The reason for the trend is that for two days everyone has been buzzing about how excited they are for Adrian's Kickback Party and if they are going to be there this weekend or pass it up.

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Adrian's Kickback Party This Weekend: What Is Everyone Saying?

While the trend Adrian's Kickback is gaining even more attention as it nears the event, many social media users are worried they won't be able to go.

On Twitter, some compared Adrian's Kickback Party to Coachella, since it's also an event that has garnered a lot of notice.

 Adrian's Kickback Party is also something they have been seeing on their TikTok's "For You" page in the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, others addressed that people should consider not going because we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

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