Martin Bashir continues to savor benefits from taxpayers despite leaving BBC.

Multiple news outlets confirmed this week that Bashir still earns nearly $2,500 per week from taxpayers despite the recent damaging reports against him. The Daily Mail reports that the disgraced journalist will receive around $122,500 yearly salary until the end of his three-month notice period in July.

For what it's worth, Bashir exited from BBC this month after being on sick leave since last year. According to BBC's deputy director of news, Jonathan Munro, the former journalist needs to receive treatment despite the troubles he got involved in.

"He let us know of his decision last month, just before being readmitted to hospital for another surgical procedure on his heart," Munro told The Guardian. "Although he underwent major surgery toward the end of last year, he is facing some ongoing issues and has decided to focus on his health."

Meanwhile, BBC promises to assist the whistleblower who exposed the truth behind Bashir's interview. Graphic artist Matt Weissler, the whistleblower, told BBC bosses about the fake bank statements Bashir used.

However, he was the one to suffer from it as BBC blacklisted him and strained his business for over 25 years.

"The very person who raised this suffered enormous impacts - which we are very sorry for. That cannot happen again," the director-general of the BBC Tim Davie said.

Why Martin Bashir Wasn't Fired Instead?

Recently, Davie appeared on Radio 4's Today program and explained why BBC did not fire Bashir.

According to the director-general, the journalist already submitted his formal resignation before the release of Lord Dyson's report.

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"I think there were three reasons why I accepted the resignation. One, there were very significant medical care issues, which in terms of Martin Bashir as a staff member, regardless of all the situation around it, is a factor," he said.

He added that the resignation also allowed a clean break without paying him off. The recent events also allowed them to find the truth immediately. At the same time, Davie said that he did not know why the company rehired the journalist in 2016 after he resigned in 1999.

Currently, he promised another quick investigation to determine the "mistakes" that occurred in the interview.

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