Ellie Kemper is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. 

Many might think she may have a new sitcom after her role in "The Office," however, it is something related to the past that has come back to bite her.

However, The Atlantic recently published an article about the 41-year-old Hollywood star out of the blue and revealed some astounding details.

Allegedly, back in 1999, the Kansas City native was crowned the "Queen of the Veiled Prophet Ball" when she was only 19 years old. 

The "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" actress grew up in St. Louis, where the Veiled Prophet Organization hosted debutante balls since the 1800s.

Social media users on Twitter were mortified by what they have discovered.

Implications of Ellie Kemper Being 'Queen of 1999 Veiled Prophet Ball'

@_Zeets said, "Ellie Kemper being a KKK princess is so random that I'm not even sure where to begin with the questions."

@JonNegroni said, "It is something that Ellie Kemper was the star of a tv show about a woman who leaves a racist cult and tries to rebrand herself while pretending it never happened. No reason why I'm bringing this up, of course.

He later added how Ellie's character in the office was a "hyper-religious victim of trauma" and in a "vaguely incestuous relationship with her foster brother."

@danirat responded to the tweet, explaining how her role in the hit sitcom and her real-life are weird.

"Kind of like a Scientologist is the star of 'The Handmaid's Tale.'"

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What People Got Wrong About Ellie Kemper Being A KKK Princess

Though some are calling Ellie Kemper the KKK princess, that wasn't the case.

The history of the Veiled Prophet is complicated, but the actress wasn't crowned a KKK princess, contrary to what everybody is saying.

Though there are many troubling things about the Veiled Prophet Organization, it didn't go as far as her being part of the KKK. The Veiled Prophet wasn't a KKK organization.

Some commenters said so as much in defense of the actress. 


Instead, it is an organization that rich white men founded to protect their interests under the guise of philanthropy.

The organization was also used to split unions and create class control, with the first prophet being the police commissioner.

They also have been troubling problems with the organization concerning race that people have already called out from within the organization.

The Veiled Prophet Organization also enjoyed cosplaying with the old south during these kinds of events.

Though it is an incredibly mysterious organization that has been rebranded, everybody who knows about it or has heard of it is always suspicious about it.

Meanwhile, Ellie Kemper's last name is all over in Kansas City and St. Louis' institutions. They have the Kemper Museum, the Kemper Arena, which also shows how loaded their family is.

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