Ray Fry, popularly known as Widow Von'Du from "RuPaul's Drag Race," was arrested in full drag after allegedly knocking her boyfriend unconscious.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the alleged incident began when Widow came home on Friday intoxicated. Her boyfriend had told Widow ahead of time that he would stay there, but Widow was disappointed to see the guy sleeping in her apartment.

Following this is a horrific incident. Widow's boyfriend claims that the reality TV star punched his face at least five times.

He also told the cops that the queen had strangled him, drag him across the apartment, and was pushed to a bed frame knocking him unconscious.

Ray Fry Allegedly Landed Boyfriend in the Hospital

The boyfriend said he could flee the apartment and was eventually hospitalized, where he got 14 stitches in his face and head. After the authorities have seen his injuries and their investigation, they proceeded to get an arrest warrant for Widow.

According to the documents, Von'Du was kept on a 24-hour hold and had a bond set at $50,000.

Widow is now facing first and second-degree domestic assault charges.

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Widow's defense

In a video circulated online, where Widow was seen to be placed in handcuffs while in full drag, Widow defended herself saying "I was assaulted in my apartment, and someone else would not understand that his privilege does not extent in my apartment" (check out the video below)

"As a black man in this city, I'm being arrested for defending myself in my apartment, and just because his ass got beat up because he wouldn't leave when I asked five times, I'm being arrested." the queen added.

Widow Von'Du was a former contestant at the Emmy-award winning reality TV series "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 12. She is known for her splits and high kicks. Von'Du placed seventh on the show.

Von'Du impressed Nicki Minaj during the first episode where she showcased her amazing rap skills and unbelievable lip-syncing stunts, which made her the winner of that episode.

She was eventually eliminated when she goes head to head against co-contestant Jackie Cox.

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