'R Kelly Is Out' Tweet Causes Uproar, Is He Released from Jail or Not?

R Kelly Is Out Tweet Gathers Fans and Anti-Fans, Proved Still In Jail After Several Serious Charges

Twitter users expressed mixed reactions when a picture of R Kelly walking out of jail went viral. 

The picture was captioned with "R Kelly is out" and garnered the attention of R Kelly fans and anti-fans as they quote tweeted and commented under the post. 

The comments of his "fans" include sarcastic quips about a possible album drop after his release, "Hope he was writing in there can't wait to hear the masterpiece," a netizen tweets.

While true fans' comments range from "Wow, that's beautiful, I personally like R Kelly and welcome his release" to "It's going to be hit after hit with all the time he had to himself. I hope he's a changed man." expressing their interest in his release and his album.

 Meanwhile, R Kelly anti-fans are determined to keep him locked up. Strong statements in the quote retweets included the following:

"Whatttttt,Nah his rnb aint that good lock this ***** up" 

"I'm Serious. Somebody jump him pls."

Young girls and young women beware! This sexual predator is on the loose #RKelly"

However, the majority of the people who interact with the tweet are aware that it is fake news and that the picture is an old one taken in 2019.

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R Kelly's "Out Of Jail" Picture is Reused From 2019

Another tweet slamming the "R Kelly is out" post also became viral. Twitter user @PhilMphela uses facts and explains the viral picture.

"For the record: R Kelly is still in jail. His trial date was set for April but COVID19 has delayed the process, according to reports. He awaits two trials, one in Chicago and another in New York. This pic is from 2019. He's walking out after his child support hearing."

According to Revolt, R Kelly is held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Illinois while waiting to proceed with the two trials in Chicago and New York.

The article also confirms that the pictures used in the two viral tweets were originally from a "The Times Union" 2019 article.

The R&B singer's current situation is that his trial hearings have been rescheduled multiple times throughout the pandemic. R Kelly has been in the correctional center since August 2020.

R Kelly's Trials, Chicago and New York Case Hearings Have Been Rescheduled

Based on this article by The South African, the status of his trials was originally set to commence in August 2021.

However, recent reports claim that his Chicagos sex abuse case has been rescheduled to September 13 but is not set into stone due to the pandemic.

Jury selection for his case is confirmed to commence in September, but the final trial date has not been announced.

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