R. Kelly is facing additional federal charges stemming from the appearance of new plaintiffs. It comes just four months before his trial starts in Brooklyn.

The latest chapter in R. Kelly's long battle with the law comes to light after TMZ was able to obtain new legal documents of his case.

New Charges

Prosecutors are accusing the R&B singer of raping an underage girl and knowingly exposing her and another woman to sexually transmitted disease.

The unnamed plaintiff, called Jane Doe # 5, was allegedly transported from different states just so the "I Believe I Can Fly" hitmaker could have sex with her in 2015 while she was still a minor.

According to the New York Daily News, the alleged victim was coerced into having sex with him, with R. Kelly even making videos of his sexual encounters with the girl.

Faith Rodgers, also known as Jane Doe # 6 in the indictment, had gone public with her allegations and had filed a lawsuit against the disgraced icon in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Rodgers alleges that Kelly exposed her to his STD because they had unprotected sex.

The 53-year-old artist also faces new racketeering charges, including allegations that he used threats of physical restraint, threats of force, and force and physical restraint.

Kelly's Camp Unfazed

Kelly's lawyer, Steve Greenberg, said that the new charges "don't really change the basic allegations and it doesn't change our approach."

Greenberg has recently filed papers in Brooklyn, New York, arguing that their state law on having sex with people who have STDs is unconstitutional because it invades privacy.

Federal Judge Anne Donnelly has yet to rule on Greenberg's motion.

R. Kelly is currently behind bars as he waits for numerous trials. He has been the subject of several televised documentary series detailing his criminal activities over the years, which include sex with minors and sexually assaulting them.

"Surviving R. Kelly" presents the most comprehensive look at the allegations against him.

The final two segments of the docu-series are particularly harrowing, which feature stark testimonies accusers and footage of parents attempting to rescue their daughters that they have not seen for years.

According to his former tour manager Demetrius Smith, "That's the way it was. We worked for him. This is what he wanted and so this is what we were supposed to give him."

The new charges are in addition to the other counts of state and federal sexual misconduct filed against R. Kelly in other states such as Illinois and Minnesota.

R. Kelly has been sued throughout his entire 20-year career -- from causing emotional distress to allegedly impregnating an underage teen.

However, the most disturbing one was when he was charged for child pornography in 2002. Chicago police accused him of videotaping child pornography, which involved intercourse, oral sex, urination and other sexual acts.

R. Kelly was arrested after an anonymous source sent the Chicago Sun-Times videos of him with his victims. He posted a $750,000 bail, but he denied the charges in an interview and later pleaded not guilty in court.

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