Despite Prince Harry's alleged misgivings against the royal family, many wonder why Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the senior royals have not removed him from the line of succession nor stripped his royal titles. 

In the past few days, there have been several calls to Her Majesty, demanding that she strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex off their titles for all of the things they exposed after stepping down from their senior royal roles.

But according to the Prince's royal biographer Angelina Levin, she has one perfect explanation why Queen Elizabeth II has not done 'her best" to teach the Sussexes a lesson by removing all titles from his grandson. 

Queen Elizabeth Worried About Prince Harry's Mental Health?

In a tweet, she explained, "My view is that Harry's family in London are very worried about his mental health and think slamming the royal door in his face could have devastating consequences."

In the reply section of Levin's tweet, many people somehow agreed with her views.

According to Twitter user @m_metcalf, "As he has a history of mental illness and instability, royals have every reason to be concerned."

She also explained how instability and impulsive nature could put someone under undue pressure, leading to rash acts.

Prince Harry is known to be vulnerable at the moment, and doing something drastic such as closing the royal door on his face may take him into a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, others argue that Prince Charles should have a one-on-one with his son because, after all, he is the father.

But one Twitter user argued that the Prince of Wales is the heir to the throne and has a responsibility to the country he represents.

@MeggyTimeus explained, "As a father, I think it's very heavy to see a son suffering, but his duty is to put the need of UK first, even if may be hard."

However, some said that perhaps if the royals continue to leave the door open, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will "keep pushing and testing the boundaries."

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Kate Middleton Thought Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Could Return

The royals were very open-minded that Kate Middleton was reportedly hopeful the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could return as working royals even after a year since they've exited.

Per Telegraph, aside from the Queen's statement how the pair would continue to be "much-loved members of the royal family," the Duchess of Cambridge also took the same approach and hoped that the Sussexes would return to the royal fold.

But not until the couple sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an exclusive interview.

However, it is still worth noting that the mom-of-three is a "brilliant arbiter and peacemaker," according to her uncle Gary Goldsmith.

She even tried to end Prince Harry and Prince William's feud.

"If anyone can bring peace to the royals, Kate can. Every bone in her body is about making friends and doing the best she can. She's trying to mediate."

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