Kim Kardashian now amuses fans with another Photoshop fail for SKIMS' new commercial. Fans naturally called her out on it. 

In a new commercial that was shown on national television, Kim Kardashian appears on the screen, lying down wearing their collection for SKIMS. 

SKIMS is a 2-year old range of shapewear, previously called the infamous "Kimono" after being called out for disrespecting Japanese culture.

It was described on their official website as a solutions-oriented brand creating the next generation of underwear, loungewear, and shapewear.

The brand has asserted itself as "setting new standards by providing solutions to everybody," which means everyone can enjoy SKIMS, no matter their body type. 

While the brand is now well-loved, its new commercial is not. 

SKIMS Commercial Ridiculed by Fans

The said commercial was called out by a user from TikTok, which gained more than 19 million views, 1 million likes, and 16,000 comments all in 2 days since its creation. 

The video shows the said commercial called "spaghetti fingers" after Kardashian runs over her waist with distorted hands. The user mumbles, "You know what bounces right back, the finger after it completely distorts," as the video cuts until its last frame.

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One commenter said, "They refused to do anything natural, huh.." hinting at the number of times the Kardashians have already caused incidents like these failures.

Another one said, "I wouldn't be surprised if they did this on purpose to get the people talking," which would also make sense since negative publicity is still publicity.

Kim Kardashian's Recent Photoshop Fails

It has not been that long since the last time Kim Kardashian was ridiculed for a photoshop fail. While this happened numerous times already, she responded to the haters by eventually just turning off the comments to the said photo. It was not a direct statement, but it showed how affected she was. 

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The Kardashians and Jenners are often targeted for their Photoshop fails, and this particular pic turned out to be one major Photoshop disaster for Kim.

As reported by Republic World, in March 2018, Kim Kardashian visited Washington DC to support a cause that she felt strongly about. In the said picture, the Photoshop in question could be seen in a car in the background, which has been altered heavily to the point where it loses its identity as a car.

She had released a statement speaking about the alleged Photoshop on her website, but the statement has hence been removed. 

Another fail was reported by the Sun last May. In the photo, the KUWTK star can be seen relaxing by the beach, Her curves in a black two-piece were in full display, and although her saucy pose wowed many, many found something peculiar about the image.

Someone said she looked like she had had six toes. 

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