For 20 seasons, the Kardashian-Jenner clan had mastered being in front of the camera. The filming crew surrounds them almost every day for the hit reality TV series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

But recently, the show's executive producer reveals a shocking moment where Kris Jenner almost refused to face the camera.

TV producer Farnaz Farjam told The Daily Mail UK that the "momager" did not want the cameras around her during an episode of the show's seventh season because of her swollen lips caused by an allergic reaction.

Farjam then detailed that Jenner was later convinced that they were on a family vacation and just rolled with it. (Watch the clip below)

She also added that it is one of her favorite moments on the show.

In the episode, which aired nine years ago, the family went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. Kris later suffered from a food allergy. Kris did not reveal the cause in the episode, but she said she would see a doctor to run some tests.

In a clip posted, Kris appears to be in bed, and then she called her children Kim and Rob to check what's happening to her upper lip.

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"My mom's lip is just bizarre, like she has an allergic reaction to something, it's just disgusting." Rob Kardashian said in the confessional. "I love her but I would never kiss her for a year," he added.

Kim also joked about the situation by saying, "Is the Dominican Republic known for plastic surgery? Did you come here to really sneak and get your lips done?" Kris clarified that she did not get lip fillers in the middle of the night.

You might think Kris had suffered enough in that episode, but she later revealed that she also got a broken toe during their trip.

Did Kris Jenner really had plastic surgery?

The reality TV star has been very open about the procedures she got in the past. Kris once documented her facelift surgery in an episode of "KWUTK." (watch the clip below) 

Jenner can be seen crying in a clip where she said, "I don't wanna die." She underwent surgery for Kim's wedding with ex Kris Humphries.

In another show called "Good Work," Kris had opened up all of the procedures she had in the past. She said that she got breast implants in the '80s, botox, fillers, and laser treatments.

KWUTK Reunion to air next week

Fans will surely miss moments like this as the show had already aired their last episode after a 20-season run, but they are set to return next week for a two-part reunion episode hosted by Andy Cohen.

The reunion is expected to have explosive revelations from the family as they look back on the episodes that they filmed together. 

The first part will premiere on Thursday next week and the second one will air on June 17.

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