After four years of taking a break, fans were surprised as renowned singer Lorde released a new music video out of nowhere for her song "Solar Power" on Thursday.

The new video was intentionally released to coincide with the Solar Eclipse.

Even though most fans are rejoicing for the music and the upcoming album, some are skeptical about the symbolism behind the music video, and we're here to break down this conspiracy theory.

Fans think that Lorde is slowly stepping away from her dark aesthetic as the music video, which garnered over 7 million views at the time of this writing, seems to be portraying positivity. Still, a Twitter user with the handle @avgLordeStan theorizes that the singer's music/future videos will eventually turn darker.

In one part of the video, we can see Lorde walking in a ditch of garbage; then, she signaled the camera to move away from the trash, which highly suggests something suspicious about their location.

Extras who starred in the video are also not smiling even though "happiness" and "letting go" are the music's central theme.

The Twitter user then pointed out the color palette used in their yellow clothing; according to them, "Mood Rings" is believed to be the next single following "Solar Power." When someone wears a mood ring, and it turned yellow, it means that the person is unhappy.

In one scene, we can see Lorde passing a golden horn to the people, and according to the user, it symbolizes "aggressive ferocity" or something that could eventually turn "wild" or "scary."

@avgLordeStan had also noticed the people dancing insanely without showing any emotions, "They do not smile or even look happy when doing this, and even have the occasional banging and falling down to the ground," they wrote.

Towards the end of the video, fans can see Lorde standing in a raft slowly moving in the middle of the ocean, which they think means "being separated from others."

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Following the thread, which had 12,800 likes at the time of this writing, another fan had pointed out the meaning of garbage on the beach, which means bad news will come soon.

The thread was shared in numerous fan groups like the famous "Lorde Ribposting" page, and it even reached Reddit, where other fans chimed in to share their theories.

A user by the name knottedcherries took to Reddit to post their interpretation. They theorize that the song is an "allegory for climate change and pollution."

They mentioned that the lyrics in the second verse means water pollution. "the girls are dancing in the sand" maybe might be saying that regular citizens choose to ignore all those problems. The cellular device in the water may also be referencing people ignoring the news about climate change and just living their lives normally," they added.


"Solar Power" is the first single off her upcoming album of the same name; award-winning songwriter Jack Antonoff co-writes it.

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