Billie Eilish is receiving a lot of heat from her fans.

Many social media users are calling to "cancel" Billie Eilish for reportedly queerbaiting.

On Sunday, the hashtag #youlikegirls started trending, and most of the things people are talking about are Billie Eilish's recent social media activity and her love life.

Some even said that they were disputing her and her music, something they also considered problematic. \

Billie Eilish Canceled: How All of This Started

Billie Eilish has recently been romantically linked to actor Matthew Tyler Vorce. They have been spotted a couple of times looking sweet and cozy.

This past week, they were seen at Disneyland. Fans immediately called the actor as Billie Eilish's boyfriend.

While some fans are happy that she has found love, other fans are not.

There has been speculation that the "Bad Guys" hitmaker is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

However, those are just mere speculation and conclusion-jumping, as the Grammy-winning singer has never come out or publicized her sexuality.

Additionally, some of her fans are even more confused with her latest song, which is said to be "sending mixed signals."

In the music video of "Lost Cause," Billie is seen dancing suggestively with other women.


However, as her fandom insisted, what fueled this entire queerbaiting drama was a post she followed up after releasing the music video. In a series of Instagram pictures with women, she captioned the post, "I love girls."

Fans immediately were outraged. They think that Billie Eilish was playing with their emotions and the pre-conceived notions about her sexuality.

  Some fans called her queerbaiting harmfully misleading, something they suggest that is "hurting" rather than "helping" the entire LGBTQ+ movement, especially in the most crucial month of the year - Pride month.

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Aside from that, Billi Eilish is also accused of profiting off black people.

  Her apparent interest in men is causing an uproar among her fans and social media users. However, as previously mentioned, Billie Eilish did not come out at all. Everything about her sexuality was just speculation and conclusions that the fans have made. And unless admitting to being gay or bisexual came out from the horse's mouth, fans should take a chill pill.

More Billie Eilish Drama

Aside from Billie Eilish's queerbaiting issue, fans also attack her rumored boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce. They claimed that the actor is a "racist, homophobic and sexist" man.

As of writing, Matthew deactivated his Twitter page.

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