Savannah Guthrie became one of the top picks to guest host "Jeopardy!," and the experience led her to warn other guest host wannabes.

After Alex Trebek died, the long-time running game show needed to continue by hiring guest hosts until they find the new permanent one. Among them was Guthrie who served the show for 10 episodes.

While it was a blessing for the "Today" anchor, she also issued a warning about doing the job.

Speaking in an interview with People, the 49-year-old expressed how unbelievable it was to be able to guest host the show. Guthrie also confessed that she is a fan of the show and Trebek.

But after doing the show, she earned more respect toward the late host since she found out how hard it is to host the game show.

According to the TV personality, guest-hosting "Jeopardy!" remains incomparable to anything she has done yet.

"It's fast-paced, and you really, literally, have to be on your game. It never lets up. You have to nail it. And it makes me realize just how impressive Alex truly was. He was such a maestro," she said.

How Different Hosting "Jeopardy!" Is For Guthrie

Although Guthrie already scored experience on hosting, she said that there is a big difference between hosting "Today" and "Jeopardy!"

She explained that she feels more pressure when doing the "Today" show since it is live. Meanwhile, although "Jeopardy!" follows a live-to-tape format, anyone cannot mess up the game. The contestants are all pressing the buzzer in real-time, so the guest host should be able to follow the precision.

"Not only do you have the contestants who have lived their whole lives for this very moment, but you also have writers and producers who have researched and worked on these questions for months," she went on.

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Throughout her stint, Guthrie reportedly kept in her mind that she would be breaking everyone's hopes and dreams if she messes up.

Lastly, she warned that "Jeopardy!" offers a different kind of pressure that can affect the whole members of the set.

In a separate appearance on PEOPLE (The TV Show!), Guthrie described the permanent role as "big shoes to fill." Per the former guest host, anyone who likes to follow Trebek needs to be good enough to continue the legacy and family the late host created.

Guthrie's episodes will run until June 25.

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